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RK Singh: ‘Why did you choose such a councillor? Who is the thief’, shoe tip… shoot, the MP said a lot

jigsaw: All the roads in the city belong to the municipal corporation. You elect the councilor of the municipal corporation. Why choose such a councilor? who is a thief Aartiya Member of Parliament and Union Minister RK Singh blamed the councilors for the bad roads in the city, and tagged them as thieves. Four high mask lights were installed by NTPC at Collectorate ghat. Union Energy Minister and Arara MP RK Singh had arrived to inaugurate it. On this occasion, councilors were blamed for the city’s bad roads.

‘You vote for us or you don’t’
RK Singh said about the bad roads of Adha city that the road is in a bad condition due to corruption. Ara Di Sub Road comes under Municipal Corporation. Why do you choose the councilors of the municipal corporation? You elect the mayor of the municipal corporation. Why choose such a mayor? Who is a thief and a bandit. to be ashamed MLAs keep an eye on him throughout the day. Where are the legislators and what do they do? Shoot it. We will also fix the municipal corporation by beating it with a stick. Understand that my nature is this, honesty and work. The rest of you vote for us or not. We don’t care, as long as we live, we will do so much, no one can do it. Remember it is your right. We will be true. The canal was to be approved in Bhojpur district, the file of which is still pending in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, that file is not being taken forward. He also assured that the Rajdhani Express train would be stopped at Arah.

‘We did that work with such a stick…’
RK Singh said that the amount of development I have done in just five-seven years since independence, no MP has done before. He did other things with true heart and honesty. Nobody cared. RK Singh appeared in his old style and said that the work has been given to us. We have done that work with a rod that has never been done before, nor will be done after us. He was given the charge of Home Secretary without caring about anyone and was chased away with a cane. If given the task of building a road, then the road which was in a bad condition across the country was made into the best road in the country in three and a half years.

‘Many engineers and contractors went to jail’
According to Ara MP, no one was allowed to do corruption during his time. He said that at that time many engineer contractors had gone to jails and the roads that have been built in our time are still there today. Apart from this, in this meeting, during his address from the open forum, he called the councilors of the ward as thieves and told the people that when you elect the councilors of the thief-robber ward, how will development be possible. After this statement, people are criticizing him everywhere. There has been an uproar over it.


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