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Rishi Sunak Cabinet: Sunak Cabinet Announced, Braverman Returns, Jeremy Hunt Will Remain Finance Minister, Know Which Position?

London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has started the process of making his top team with important appointments in the cabinet on Tuesday. Sunak has decided to retain Jeremy Hunt, who was recently appointed finance minister in the Liz Truss-led government, to maintain economic stability in the country. At the same time, James Cleverley would also remain as Secretary of State, despite not being loyal to Sunak. The biggest appointment is that of Suella Braverman, who resigned as Home Minister a few days ago. Suella had made sharp statements against Indians on the issue of immigrants.

Dominic Robb will be the Deputy Prime Minister
Sunak has retained Ben Wallace as Defense Minister. Along with this, James Clavery has been reappointed as Foreign Secretary. He has appointed Simon Hart as the Chief Whip of the Conservative Party. The most senior appointment in the Sunak cabinet is Dominic Robb. He has been given the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister. Dominic Raab has previously been the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain. Nadeem Jahvi will remain a cabinet minister without department. Grant Shoppes has been made the UK’s trade minister.

Get to know Rishi Sunak Cabinet
New ministers return to Liz Truss cabinet
Former prime minister Liz Truss appointed Jeremy Hunt as the country’s finance minister earlier this month. Hutt overturned Truss’ mini-budget for tax cuts. He has been an ally of Sunak and was expected to remain in office. “It’s going to be tough,” tweeted Jeremy Hunt after being retained as finance minister. But, protecting jobs for the vulnerable as well as people will be our priority as we work to restore stability, confidence and sustainable growth.


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