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Ram Rahim: Controversy over getting parole before Adampur by-election, is Ram Rahim still dominant in Haryana politics?

Chandigarh/New Delhi: Is Ram Rahim still a major factor influencing politics in Haryana and Punjab? Can’t their power be ignored? All these questions are being raised as Ram Rahim has come out of jail on parole ahead of a by-election to a Haryana assembly seat. After this, a political controversy arose and the BJP had to come on the backfoot on the issue. It is believed that due to the political compulsion and political power of Ram Rahim, the BJP has reached an agreement.

He was imprisoned for five years
Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a CBI court in 2017 in a sexual assault case. He has been in jail since then. However, there have been reports of his dominance even from prison.

Initially, when he was in jail, there were reports of a split with the BJP among Ram Rahim and his supporters, but later party leaders also supported him on several occasions and he even came out of jail several times.

When did you get parole?
There was violence in Haryana when Ram Rahim went to jail. After this he kept quiet for a few months but later kept coming out of the jail on various pretexts. He visited the hospital several times to visit his mother.

He got 20 days parole in February this year. It was believed that he was given parole due to the Punjab elections. Ram Rahim got 30 days parole in the month of June. Now got 40 days parole. Each time he was allowed to come out of jail with the consent of the state government.

Close the dispute
After coming out on parole, he has come to Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. However, many leaders of Haryana are coming to seek his blessings in online satsangs. Apart from the by-elections for the assembly seats in the state, there are also elections for the local bodies in the state. In such a situation, the gathering of many leaders in his satsang and taking blessings for themselves created a controversy. Opponents have called it a violation of parole conditions.

Influence on politics
Ram Rahim is very famous among his supporters. Most of his followers are poor Dalits, who respectfully call him Father. For them, any word of Ram Rahim is like a direct command, which they obey with complete reverence. The number of their camps in Haryana and Punjab is around 20 thousand. There are about 6 crore followers across the country. Most of the connections are from Haryana and Punjab.

Followers not only participate in Ram Rahim’s satsangs and other religious events, but also follow his instructions as to which political party to support in elections. His followers directly influence elections in 40-50 assembly seats in Punjab’s Malwa and Haryana.

Change of stand
Ram Rahim has been changing his stand regarding who to vote for in the elections. Their political wing takes feedback from people in different areas before elections. This information is then given to Ram Rahim. Just before the elections, through this wing, people are informed about whom to vote for.

Ram Rahim had announced his support to the Congress in the 2017 Punjab Assembly elections. The party won. BJP was supported in the 2014 general elections. Narendra Modi was also praised at that time. Congress was supported in the 2007 Punjab elections. Ram Rahim was away from the elections in 2012. Political parties keep trying their best to pay in their favor.


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