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Rakesh Bapat reacts sharply to rumors of breakup with Shamita Shetty, #ShaRa fans support

Shamita Shetty And Rakesh Bapat, Shamita Shetty Films have been talking about their relationship for a long time. However, there have been reports in recent times that nothing is going well between the two. But Shamita and Rakesh had dismissed the rumors of their breakup and assured the fans that their relationship was already going strong. A report later claimed that the couple had a “big fight”. Now Rakesh has reacted strongly to the rumors circulating about his relationship with Shamita.

In fact, a fan of Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty shared a long note on Friday. Rakesh shared this note from his Twitter account. The note said netizens should respect the couple’s personal life. Fans begin their open letter with “Please Know Your Limits”. And it tagged Shamita and her mother Sunanda Shetty and Rakesh. Rakesh retweeted it and wrote ‘Shabad’.

The note reads, “Please know your limits. I’m not a big investor in Shara Shamita or Rakesh! Rakesh Bapat is a wonderful person, so I appreciate him who respects his partner in himself. I am shocked and disturbed by what is happening on social media recently.

The syllabus is not meant to show off your personal life

The note further said, “Why aren’t they (Rakesh Bapat-Shamita Shetty) posting? Why isn’t she posting? Are they broken? Why is he just posting? Are they together Are they fighting? Are you people serious !!!! He is a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean he should reveal his personal life to you.

Shamita-Rakesh put a stop to the rumors

The note further states, “If they do not say anything, they have no right to be abused.” Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat joined hands at an awards show and once again put a stop to rumors of their breakup.

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