Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Rajasthan news: Thug arrested for sexually harassing Punjab saint, conspiracy hatched

Bharatpur: In Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, Sikri police station and Punjab police have achieved great success in a joint operation. Police have arrested a scoundrel involved in sexual harassment of a famous sadhu of Punjab. After arresting the scoundrel, Punjab Police has taken him away. According to the information, the accused had implicated Divya Nand Swami Shri Sharda Dham Shahpurkandi of Pathankot in sexting. On Saturday, Sikri police of Shahpur Qadi police station in Pathankot conducted a raid in village Maharaipur. The miscreant was later arrested.

Call the saint and ask for Rs 5 lakh
According to police, the incident took place on February 29. When a scoundrel named Shah Rukh, a resident of Maharaipur village in Sikri police station area, made a video call to Divya Nand Swami. Through this, a naked girl was seen in the video, on seeing which the saint closed his eyes and hung up the phone. After some time, a scoundrel message came on Sant’s number that I have made your video with a naked girl. If you don’t give me Rs 5 lakh, I will make it viral on social media.

See CM Gehlot !, PWD Minister Jatav’s 60 lakh road in the district, did not last even 60 hours.

Police have arrested the youth
Sant lodged a complaint against the accused at Shahpurkadi police station in Pathankot. Punjab police traced the number and traced the location of the accused, then with the help of Sikri police station raided the village Maharaipur. Police have also arrested 21-year-old accused Shah Rukh Khan.

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