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Rajasthan News: Khap panchayat angry over good deeds of husband and wife who arranged love marriage

Prabhu Prajapat, Udaipur: In Udaipur district of Rajasthan, the Tughlaq decree of Khap Panchayat of Bhoi Samaj has come to light. The victim’s family was then brutally beaten by members of the community. A year ago, the Khap Panchayat issued a Tughlaq decree expelling two families from the society. Despite this, on the day of Holi, when the couple reached the spot on the day of Holika Dahin to find ‘worship’ for their four-month-old daughter, the panchos of the society were astonished. He then joined the couple in beating their other family members.

Not only that, the pregnant woman was brutally beaten by the people of the society. He was kicked and punched in the stomach. A case has been registered at Kherwara police station on behalf of the victim’s family after the incident but no action has been taken by the police.

Having a love marriage was a problem for the judges of the society
This information was given by the victim’s wife Hitesh Bhoi. According to the report, the couple had a love marriage a year ago. This angered the judges of the Marriage Society. The judges of the society, while issuing the decree, expelled both the families from the society for life. At the same time, he was asked not to have any contact with anyone in the society. From the Mars program to the death of someone, the panchs of the society had banned it.

Society’s contractors abused women
The family says that on the day of Holi, he had reached the Holika cremation ground to ‘worship’ his daughter. When this information reached the Punch, some members of the community came home. He then started beating the family members after cursing them. The victim’s wife also said that her son-in-law was pregnant and beat her up. The accused women were asked to tear their clothes and march naked in the village.

Pressured by chanting slogans against the police
The role of the police in this whole affair is also in question. The victim informed the police as soon as the assailants arrived. Police also rushed to the spot but instead of arresting anyone, the assailants fled the scene. It is also learned that even after the nominee report was lodged, the police have not made any arrest nor has it considered it necessary to get medical treatment for the victims.

On the other hand, two dozen people, including the society’s president Kalulal Rathore, have reached the police station to rescue the attackers. He chanted slogans against the police saying that no case was registered here but the police remained a silent spectator.

The President of the Society is Kalulal CLG Member
According to the victim, Kalulal, a CLG member of Kherwara police station who is also the president of Bhoi Samaj. He himself is putting pressure on the police as well as the police, who are pursuing the accused. Not only that, Kalulal Bhoi and other members of the society had jointly recited the Tughlaq edict.


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