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Rajasthan News: A child who was Hindu in the womb, became a Muslim at birth, know what is this unique case

JaipurThere has been an uproar in the biggest hospital of the state due to the negligence of the staff. In fact, due to the negligence of the staff here, two mothers caught each other’s children. Among the parents with whom this incident happened, one family is Hindu and the other is Muslim. After the incident, the Hindu mother alleges that her child was driven away by the Muslim mother, while the Muslim mother alleges that the Hindu mother took her child away.

In fact, it has been learned that both the mothers were admitted in the same ward of the same hospital and both of them gave birth to a child at the same time. But there is a son and a daughter. Now both the mothers are making their own claim on the son. After the claim of both the mothers came here
The police have also been informed in this regard. Police are investigating at all levels.

Both were delivered 3 days ago
However, the hospital administration has kept its side in the whole matter. The hospital administration has told that Neha gave birth to a son while Reshma gave birth to a daughter. But due to the mistake of the hospital staff, the children were changed. Due to a mistake by the hospital staff, the son went to Reshma and the daughter to Neha. According to the hospital administration, both are residents of Wall City area. Both were delivered 3 days ago. As of now, the babies have been taken from both the mothers, they have been kept in the NICU and efforts are being made to identify the babies based on blood tests and other tests. The matter will be resolved soon.

There was commotion from the hospital to the police station
In this case, the superintendent of the hospital said that the blood tests of four people including Reshma and Neha’s husband have been done. Reshma has a daughter, Neha has a son, that’s for sure. Currently both the children are kept in NICU and the families of both the children are being explained. Based on the facts, both the mothers will be handed over their children in the presence of the police.

Sweets were distributed throughout the area and in the hospital…but
Due to a mistake by the hospital staff, the wrong tag of the mother was put on the hands of both the children. This caused trouble. According to the information received, Reshma already has daughters, on the birth of a son, the family distributed sweets in the entire area and in the hospital. Neha already has a son but she wants another son. No one came to know about this matter for 3 days but last night when both the children were taken for vaccination as per the rules, it was found out on the basis of their admit card and hand tag that the children have changed.


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