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Python Attack: Do pythons really swallow humans, what is the mystery of Indonesian woman’s death?

Jakarta: A woman has died in a dragon attack in Indonesia. After killing the woman, the dragon swallowed her whole. This woman was going to work in a rubber plant near her home. When the woman went missing, the family members tried to search around. Meanwhile, he saw a dragon with a bloated belly in the nearby forest. When people killed the dragon and tore open its stomach, a woman’s body came out. After this incident, fear of the dragon has spread all over the world including Indonesia. Anacondas found in the Amazon rainforest are also known as ‘man-eaters’. These snakes are also quite large in size.

During the search, the dragon was seen
According to local reports, the 50-year-old woman was from Jambi province of Indonesia. Betara Jambi police station chief AKPS Harefa said that the victim’s body was found in the snake’s stomach. He said that the victim’s husband found some of her clothes and tools, which were used by her in the rubber garden on Sunday night. After this he had to call a search team to find his wife. On Monday, the next day after the search, he saw a 5 meter long python in the nearby forests.

The dragon has swallowed two humans before
Harifa told CNN that the dragon’s stomach was bloated. When the search team and the villagers with them got suspicious, they killed the snake. When they cut open the stomach, they saw that a woman’s body was lying inside. Although such incidents are rare, this is not the first time a dragon has killed and eaten someone in Indonesia. There were two such deaths in the country between 2017 and 2018.

How does a dragon swallow humans?
Dragons swallow their food whole. Their jaws are connected by very flexible ligaments, so they can spread around large prey. An expert told the BBC that pythons usually eat rats and other animals. But, once they reach a certain size, they realize that rats are not fit for their diet, as they do not get enough calories. After this they try to hunt larger animals. They also try to hunt larger animals such as pigs or cows, said Mary-Ruth Low, conservation and research officer at Wildlife Reserve Singapore.

How do dragons attack humans?
In addition to anacondas, reticulated pythons attack humans. It is a species of python, which has reticulated spots on its body. They can reach a length of more than 10 meters. Thus their power is greatly increased. They attack by ambush. They wrap their prey around and suffocate them to death. As the ensnared creature exhales, the dragon tightens its grip. In such a situation, all the air inside the victim is expelled and dies of suffocation or cardiac arrest. After this they swallow their prey whole.


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