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Putin’s family: is Putin preparing for a nuclear attack? The secret city is built underground, the family is already hidden

Moscow: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 25 days. The war has exceeded Putin’s expectations, and the Russian military has suffered heavy losses. An insider has claimed that “desperate” Putin is preparing for a nuclear disarmament exercise for which he has sent his family to an “underground city of intelligence”, the Daily Mail reported.

According to reports, a source had said a few days ago that Putin was suffering from a number of serious illnesses and claimed that the number of Russian deaths in the Ukraine war was higher than Kyiv’s estimate of 17,000. According to the report, a telegram channel quoted a source as saying that Putin often vented his anger on those close to him. The Telegram channel is believed to be linked to a former Kremlin intelligence operative who claims to have close ties to Putin’s close friends.
Zelensky warns Putin: “Russia will have to pay such a heavy price that it will take many generations to fix it”, Zelensky told Putin!
The risk of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has increased
The source said that he does not talk openly with anyone. He has limited contact not only with his daughters, but also with his mysterious children, Alina Kabeva. The source said that Putin had recently surprised his top generals by talking about nuclear exercises. This has increased the risk of a nuclear conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The report states that a Russian expert had earlier claimed that Putin hid his family at an intelligence site to protect them from a possible nuclear war and that it was not a bunker but a huge underground city.

Russia has placed nuclear forces on high alert
Russia had earlier this month placed its nuclear forces on high alert. Putin had earlier threatened NATO that it would face “the worst consequences in history” if it intervened in the Ukraine war. On Saturday, Russia used its super-destroyer Kinzel hypersonic missile against Ukraine, which blew up a Ukrainian military base.

Putin says be prepared for nuclear disarmament exercises
A recent post by the General SVR, a telegram channel, said that Putin had warned senior political figures to take part in an evacuation exercise in the event of a possible nuclear war in the near future. The post said that the Russian president’s warning had taken everyone by surprise. But without exception, everyone confirmed their readiness.


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