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PM Modi: Modi government’s attack on corruption with the weapon of ED!

Omprakash Ashak, New Delhi: Narendra Modi made his government’s intentions clear as soon as he assumed the post of Prime Minister in 2014. It was said – they will not let them eat and they will not let them eat. Even in the later days, PM Modi has been continuously attacking corruption. Then perhaps no one would have guessed that he planned to activate the dormant Enforcement Directorate (ED) to flush out illegal money and other ill-gotten gains in the country. Despite his warnings, people continued to try to make illicit money. Looking at ED’s activity, it seems that his health is not good now. The recent actions of the ED must have created some fear among such people, but the disease of corruption is so old that it is not possible to eradicate it, but it can be controlled. Also, the attack on corruption will have to be done like a surgical strike, not in a piecemeal manner. Looking at the statistics of the Directorate of Enforcement, there is some hope, but in the near future it will be known how many accused are prosecuted. The biggest challenge has been to bring the convicts to the end of the sentence.

Thousands of crores of property confiscated!
Cases of scams and corruption have come to light before, but they did not come to an end. The rise of corruption is the result of this. ED recently released the latest figures. It accounts for the nine-year tenure of the UPA and the Modi government. The Enforcement Directorate in its annual report said that between April 2014 and March 2022, 3,555 cases were registered and assets worth Rs 99,355 crore were seized. During the nine years of the previous UPA government, from July 2005 to March 2014, the ED registered 1,867 cases under money laundering and attached assets worth Rs 4,156 crore. The report also states that assets worth Rs 7,833 crore have been attached and 785 new cases have been registered in the last 4 months. The number of cases registered by the ED increased by 88 percent during the tenure of the Modi government as compared to the nine years of the UPA government. From April 2021 to 30 November 2021, 395 cases of money laundering were registered in the country and assets worth Rs 8,989.26 crore were attached. Looking at these figures, it is certain that the activity of ED, which was dormant during the UPA government, has increased during Modi’s tenure.

Big giants on ED’s radar
The ED recently questioned Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case. The government has banned foreign donations to Rajiv Gandhi’s two voluntary organisations. Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut is currently in jail on corruption charges. In Jharkhand, with the arrest of IAS Pooja Singhal, his chartered accountant and chief minister Hemant Soren’s MLA Pankaj Mishra, the ED has attached assets worth around Rs 100 crore. According to ED, a mining scam of Rs 1000 crore has taken place with the connivance of all of them. The investigation is still ongoing. The ED has also questioned Chief Minister’s Press Advisor Hemant Soren. In Jharkhand, the ED had launched an investigation into the MGNREGA scam, which had its line traced to the mining scam. New revelations are happening daily.

ED action in Bengal too

ED activity is also visible in West Bengal. The ED has raided the houses of Mamata Banerjee’s most trusted cabinet minister Partha Chatterjee and her close aide film actress and model Arpita and recovered Rs 50 crore in cash. Property papers worth one hundred and fifty crores have also been found. Both are currently in jail and people associated with them are being interrogated continuously. Their other locations have also been sealed by the ED, which are being searched. It is being told publicly that Parth and Arpita have not revealed the secret of this money. They are saying that the money is not theirs. I don’t even know where the money came from. But its secrets are hidden in the diary found in their house. It is also possible that these two have exposed the secret of the rupee and as a precaution the ED has not thought fit to make it public now. There were complaints of large-scale irregularities in appointments in the education department, in which transactions worth crores of rupees took place. Coal and cattle smuggling cases are also being investigated by ED and CBI. Many people have also been arrested. Every day new secrets of corruption are being opened in the education department and big people are also being caught.

Also action on TMC
Despite all the efforts of the BJP, Mamata Banerjee sat on the Chief Minister’s chair for the third time in Bengal. Now he is shocked by the attack of ED and CBI. Parth has been removed from the ministerial post and from the party. Other ministers have been warned. An ED investigation is also going on against his nephew and daughter-in-law.

Questions are being raised on the government!
ED action against some leaders of Aam Aadmi Party is also going on in Delhi. Action is already underway against Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family in Bihar. Bhola Yadav, close to the Lalu family, has been arrested. Central agencies are cracking down on corruption, but so far only leaders of opposition parties come under the Janata Dal (S). The lack of action against Bharatiya Janata Party leaders casts doubt on the government’s intentions.

How will the king pin of corruption be punished?
In fact, the seeds of corruption in the country were sown only in the second decade of independence. The then Home Minister YB Chavan also hinted at this in the Lok Sabha in 1967. He had said that some parties have received money from abroad for the elections. They can also reveal names, but will not do so, because many people will be harmed. For example, corruption was openly flagged. The series of scams started since then continues till now. Those who are aware of the Jain Hawala case would know very well that Hawala money was used for terrorist activities. This money was distributed among several leaders. It is said that there were names of 115 people from different parties in that diary. The names of a former Prime Minister and a former President also surfaced but were suppressed. This is how the coal scam happened. The minister of the concerned department did not face any problem in the coal scam. All the blame was put on a secretary. Then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also had the Coal Ministry. The 2G spectrum scam also took place during the Congress rule. At that time some big scams were exposed but due to no action the morale of the corrupt increased. Catching such corrupt people has become a bit faster now, but reaching the kingpin and bringing him to the point of punishment is a big challenge. The Modi government will also have to avoid the allegation of the opposition that there are not only corrupt people in the opposition camp. Therefore, sincere efforts have to be made against corruption, otherwise it will continue to undermine the country’s economy like a termite.

(Omprakash Ashak is an independent journalist. The views expressed in the article are his personal)


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