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Plane Secret Places: Inside the plane is the ‘hotel’, half asleep pilot, airhostess, know the biggest secret

new YorkThere are many things about the plane you travel that no one knows about. There are some places in the plane where passengers cannot go and they are used to rest. These are the areas where only the pilot and cabin crew are allowed to go. In any case, passengers are not allowed in the area. You will never see this place again. These places are called crew coaches and their location varies from airplane to airplane as in airplanes. The Boeing 787 or Airbus A350, these comfort cabins are upstairs, while if the plane is older, these cabins can also be in the cargo area.

There is a rest area in the plane
These compartments are in pairs, one for a cabin pilot and one for a cabin crew. Pilots are always in the cockpit and their resting area is close to the cockpit. They are often in the comfort zone with two bunks and a recliner seat. There are 6 bunks in the compartment for the cabin crew.

Airlines say that when they buy aircraft, they configure the rest of the territory accordingly. But the main criteria are there, then they are set by the Federal Aviation Administration. There is no change in the fact that the resting place for the crew should be such that there is no noise, smell and vibration so as not to affect sleep. In addition, these cabins must be temperature controlled and the crew can set the power to their liking. Indian flight to Karachi: Could Pakistan refuse to land Indian flight? Learn international law
Pilot’s special resting area
Bunks A place that allows you to sleep while lying down. They are 78 by 30 inches in size. There is also plenty of room for change. It’s just like the Japanese capsule hotels that don’t have windows but have a place to sleep and electricity. In addition, all the security arrangements like oxygen mask, seat belt light and intercom are also present.

The pilot’s rest area is completely separate from the cabin crew. This resting area, close to the cockpit area, depends on the flight time. A flight can have more than four pilots. But the two are always in the cockpit and so there are only two bunks in the rest area. In this area there are sometimes in-flight recreational equipment that the cabin crew does not have. In addition, the pilot’s compartments are smaller.


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