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Pankaj Tripathi: ‘Kalin Bhaiya’ When Sarson-Tisi used to be permitted to light the lamps on Diwali, dreams remained unfulfilled!

Mumbai: Pankaj Tripathi, who belongs to Gopalganj district of Bihar, has not been identified today. Pankaj, who has scored many hit films and web series due to his acting, misses his village a lot. Pankaj has now settled down in Mumbai and celebrated Diwali with much fanfare, but still can’t forget his childhood Diwali. Pankaj may be climbing the ladder of success but even today he is attached to his village and land. Pankaj has no shortage of wealth, but he only remembers the Diwali of his village.

The success of Pankaj Tripathi’s famous film Kaleen Bhaiya has taken him out of his life. Along with the success, Pankaj is also earning, which is also fulfilling the unfulfilled wishes of childhood. After the success of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, Pankaj did not need to look back.

Pankaj remembers his childhood Diwali
According to media reports, Pankaj Tripathi’s net worth is more than Rs 40 crore. Mumbai also has its own house. In an interview given to Dainik Bhaskar, Pankaj had told that ‘Today I have everything, yet I only win the Diwali of my village with my heart. Even though there was no electricity in those days, the festival of lights was wonderful for me. The lamps came from the potter’s house. We used to go to the grinding machine and bring mustard and tea leaves. If there was a cow in the house, there was no shortage of ghee. Diwali is really a festival of togetherness. Get oil from somewhere, cotton for lamp and lamp from somewhere.

Having a tiled house left the Diwali wish unfulfilled
Pankaj Tripathi’s house in Belsand village of Gopalganj used to have tiles. In childhood, there was a great desire to light a lamp on the roof of the house, but the lamp was extinguished due to the tiled roof. Now Pankaj has also built a permanent house in the village and fulfills his childhood wish on Diwali.

Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi in a scene from the film. (Photo credit: Pankajatripathi/Instagram)

Pankaj got success after struggle
Pankaj Tripathi’s childhood is spent in failure. There was no TV in Pankaj’s house, after the release of movies, TV in his house. Interestingly, Pankaj didn’t even know what movies were until class 10th. Pankaj Chhath, who belonged to a farmer family, used to play the role of a girl in the dramas performed on the occasion of Puja. Cheered by the applause of the crowd, this was the moment when Pankaj decided to try his hand at acting. Got admission in NSD and struggled a lot but today success is on the way.

Don’t forget to visit Pankaj Village
Thanks to his excellent acting, Pankaj has shown his powerful acting in many films like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Mirzapur’ web series, ‘Masan’, ‘Kaagz’, ‘Mimi’. The actor is busy in many films and web series these days but does not forget to go to his village.

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