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Oral Covid Vaccine: Fear of Corona Vaccine Injection? Take an oral dose like polio drops, started in China

Beijing: A ‘needle-free’ vaccine to be taken orally was launched on Wednesday in the city of Shanghai, China. It is the world’s first covid vaccine of its kind. According to an announcement posted on an official social media account of the city of Shanghai, the injection is administered orally. It is being given free as a booster dose to persons who have already been vaccinated. Scientists hope that such needle-free vaccines will make vaccination more accessible in countries with weak health systems, because the vaccine is easier to use. Needle-free injections may be recommended by people who do not like receiving injections in needle form. This will also help in increasing the coverage of vaccination in poor countries.

China wants to give everyone a booster dose before easing restrictions
China wants many of its citizens to receive a booster dose of the vaccine before restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic are eased. The pandemic has brought China’s economy to a standstill and is struggling to keep up with the rest of the world. A video posted by China’s state-run Online Media Institute shows people sticking the small nozzle of a transparent white cup into their mouths at a community health center. The accompanying theme states that after slowly inhaling, a person holds their breath for five seconds and the entire process is completed in 20 seconds.

A resident of Shanghai recounted the experience
“It was like drinking a cup of milk tea,” a Shanghai resident said in the video. When I inhaled it, it tasted a little sweet.” An expert said the vaccine taken by mouth could also stop the virus before it reaches the rest of the respiratory system, although it would depend on the size of the droplets. .

China approved this vaccine in September
An immunologist in India Dr. Vinita Bal said the larger droplets would immunize the mouth and throat areas, while the smaller droplets would go further into the body. Chinese regulators approved the vaccine for use as a booster in September. It was developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Cancerino Biologics Inc. Such a vaccine has gone through clinical trials in China, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Argentina and Mexico, Cancino said.

Clinical trials in Malaysia
A Malaysian media report last month said clinical trials of such vaccines had been approved in Malaysia. Regulators in India have also approved such a vaccine, but it is yet to emerge. Developed by the US and licensed to Indian vaccine manufacturer Bharat Biotech for this. This injection is used as a nasal spray.

Trial of a dozen vaccines given orally in the world
According to the World Health Organization, about a dozen such vaccines are being tested globally. China’s ruling Communist Party has so far shown no signs of easing its “freedom from Covid” policy, banning travel and imposing a lockdown only when a few cases of Covid are detected. Authorities on Wednesday barred 900,000 people from traveling to Wuhan for at least five days. The virus was first detected in the city of Wuhan in late 2019. The urban districts of Xining, in remote Qinghai province, have been on lockdown since last Friday.


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