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Open poll of education in Bihar: Headmaster could not even translate ‘I go to school’ … watch video

Pearls: Motihari: Education system exposed in East Champaran district of Bihar. Here the headmaster of a government school could not find the English translation of ‘I am going to school’, ‘I am going to school’. He gritted his teeth in front of the SDO who came to inspect and smiled and started cleaning. During the inspection, another teacher of the school could not tell the difference between the atmosphere and the weather. Then SDO Sahib also told them what is the difference between climate and weather. Now the video of the case has gone viral on social media. The case pertains to a government school located in Pakdidial block area of ​​the district.

In fact, Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) Kumar Ravindra has come to know about the surprise inspection of Cheta Panchayat Upgrade Middle School in Pakdiyal Block area of ​​the district. During the surprise inspection, SDO Kumar Ravindra entered a class. In this class, Assistant Teacher Mukul Kumar was teaching the children about environment and climate. When the SDO asked the teacher what is the difference between weather and climate, teacher Mukul Kumar could not tell. The SDO then explained the weather and the weather in detail to the children on the blackboard. Teacher Mukul Kumar was also reprimanded.

The headmaster could not say ‘I go to school’ in English
After the assistant teacher, when the SDO approached the headmaster of the school, he also started a ‘class’. SDO Kumar Ravindra asked the school’s headmaster Vishwanath Ram what do you teach the children. At this Vishwanath Ram said to him – ‘I teach English and Sanskrit.’ At this the SDO asked the headmaster – ‘I go to school’ What will be the English? When the headmaster gave a wrong answer in English, SDO Sahib said, “It is heartening to touch your feet. What will happen to the assistant teacher when you have this condition?”

The headmaster could not even speak Sanskrit
After this the SDO asked the question in Sanskrit but Vishwanath Ram could not say. He reprimanded Headmaster Vishwanath Ram and spoke about coaching. The SDO said that you do the coaching yourself and come to teach the children only after practicing at home. Ravinder Kumar said that the habit of self-study of teachers has come to an end, in which case the education department should provide training to the teachers from time to time. (Reporting by Abha Sinha from East Champaran)


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