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Now Russia also used a foreign weapon against Ukraine, Iran’s Shahad-136 suicide drone is destroying the enemy.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last six months. From the beginning, Ukraine has been using foreign weapons against Russian troops, be it the Turkish TB-2 drone or the US HIMARS missile system. But now Russia has also brought foreign weapons to the battlefield against Ukraine. In the first use of foreign weapons since the start of the war, Russia has inflicted heavy damage on Ukrainian forces with new Iranian drones, according to a Ukrainian commander. Colonel Rodion Kulgin, the artillery commander of Ukraine’s 92nd Mechanized Brigade, said last week that suicide bombers-136 delta-wing drones were spotted over Ukrainian artillery positions in the northeastern Kharkiv region. (Photo: Twitter)

Destruction in the camp of Ukraine

These drones were painted in Russian and rebranded as Geranium 2. Iranian drones, which often fly in pairs and destroy targets, destroyed two 152-mm self-propelled howitzers, two 122-mm self-propelled howitzers, two BTR armored vehicles, the official said. Colonel Kulgin said Russia conducted a test targeting a US M777 155-mm towed howitzer with a drone last month, before using existing kill drones. So far, Iranian drones appear to be deployed mostly in the Kharkiv region, where the 92nd Brigade and other Ukrainian forces launched a major counteroffensive this month and retook about 8,500 square kilometers. (Photo: Twitter)

A new model of Iran’s delta-wing design

Colonel Kulgin said Russian forces in other areas have powerful artillery firepower. But here they don’t have guns, so they have started resorting to these drones. Some independent experts examining recent images of drone debris from Kharkiv say it appears to be the Shahid-136, a new model of Iran’s delta-wing design. Scott Crino, founder of strategic consulting firm Red Six Solutions LLC, said the Shahid-136 could provide Russia with a “powerful deterrent” against high-tech weapons such as HIMARS. (Photo: Twitter)

It is difficult to escape after target lock

He said that the presence of martyrs-136 in the war of Ukraine is forcing Ukraine to change its plan. Ukraine’s vast battlefield makes defense against Martyr-136 difficult. Krino said that the Shahid-136 can be used with great effect, firstly – by targeting radar systems and secondly – by attacking artillery. He pointed out that Iran also has antijamming systems that could make it difficult for Ukraine to compete. Once the martyr drone has locked its target, it is difficult to stop it. (Photo: Twitter)

Russia’s Vulnerable Drone Program Exposed?

Russia’s use of Shaheed-136 drones in Ukraine represents an expansion of Iran’s arsenal. It also highlights the shortcomings of Russia’s own drone program, which is unable to counter the UAVs deployed by Ukraine. Israel and the West accuse Iran of using armed drones to attack Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi, US troops in Syria and tankers in the Gulf of Oman. (Photo: Twitter)


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