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Not 4 months Baba no … can’t wait now, boy arrived at the girl’s house- get married today

Jamui: Once the relationship is established, the date of marriage is fixed, then on the same date the couple gets married. But a shocking case came to light in Jamui when a boy could not even wait four months for marriage. He reached the girl’s house and immediately insisted on marriage. The case pertains to Vikas Kumar, son of Shambhu Thakur, a resident of Nardih in the city council area. Four months later the date of marriage was fixed but the boy became so uncontrollable that he reached the girl’s house and started demanding marriage.

The boy reached the girl’s house and demanded marriage
According to sources, Vikas was married to Jyoti Kumari, daughter of Kedar Thakur, a resident of Jakhra village in Sikandra block. After the relationship was established, the boys and girls started talking on the phone. Meanwhile, the boy was so eager to meet his fiance that his hopes were dashed. What’s more, Vikas immediately came to his fiance’s house and insisted on getting married. After which there was a great commotion.

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There was a lot of drama when the girl’s family refused
When the girl’s relatives talked of getting her married four months later, Vikas said she was an adult. In any case, you will marry this girl now or you will give your life. News of this high voltage drama spread like wildfire throughout the village and the panchayat and the girl’s mother was helpless and agreed to get married.

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Eventually the girl’s family got married
The boy’s parents were immediately notified. However, no member of the boy’s family arrived. Seeing the boy’s stubbornness, Care Panchayat chief Lalan Singh and ward member Mohammad Maqsood Khan and others decided to get the couple married. The couple was getting married on Saturday. The entire panchayat witnessed the marriage.
Report by Purshotam Kumar from Jamui


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