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North Korea in preparation for a nuclear test! In return, America said – there is no intention of enmity, I am ready for dialogue

Washington: North Korea has raised tensions in the region with missile tests since the beginning of the year. North Korea is now believed to be making ‘constant preparations’ for a nuclear test, while the US is ready to face any threat from the ‘resolute’ country. The spokesperson of the Department of External Affairs gave this information on Monday. Department press secretary Ned Price said that the US is also ready to negotiate with Pyongyang.

“Our concerns about the possibility of another nuclear test by North Korea, which would be its seventh, have been around for some time,” Price said at a daily press briefing, referring to North Korea by its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. said remains constant. We assess how the DPRK is preparing its Punggye-ri test site for what will be its seventh test.’ “We are preparing for all contingencies in close coordination with our partners around the world,” he said.

Explosive situation in North and South Korea, fighter jets roar, Kim Jong will do nuclear test?
The Deputy Foreign Minister is on a visit to Japan
The steps the US could take could include “adjustments” to the US defense posture, the spokesman said. The comments came as Deputy Minister of State Wendy Sherman began a three-day trip to Japan for bilateral and trilateral talks with her South Korean and Japanese counterparts. Price said much of Sherman’s ongoing trip to Tokyo “will be devoted to discussing the DPRK’s challenge to the region.”

‘We do not intend hostility’
The department spokesman also reiterated the US commitment to engage in dialogue with North Korea. “We have consistently made it clear that we have no hostile intent towards the DPRK,” he said. We are open to dialogue. We are open to diplomacy. “At the same time, our commitment to the safety of our personnel in the field is an iron link to our treaty partners,” Price said.


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