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New Delhi Weather: Now heat wave in Delhi, IMD warns of heat, when will it rain?

New Delhi: The march is not over yet and the heat has started bothering the people of Delhi. The maximum temperature is expected to be 36 degrees Celsius on Saturday. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the temperature will now rise steadily. According to private meteorological agencies, the mercury could cross 40 degrees in the last week of March in Delhi. IMD has forecast heat wave in many parts of Rajasthan. Hot winds will soon blow towards Delhi-NCR. On March 22, wind speed of 20-30 kmph is expected during the day. Rain is unlikely at this time. The meteorological department has forecast clear skies for the entire month. According to the meteorological department, the month of March will be dry. The heat will continue to increase. Not only day but also night heat is now bothering people. In many places, even the air of the fan-cooler is not giving relief to the people.

Then the mercury will go up to 40 degrees
Europe’s leading meteorological agency Meteorogroup has forecast that mercury will rise sharply in Delhi from next week (February 26). The agency has forecast temperatures to cross 39 degrees Celsius on March 27 and 40 degrees Celsius on March 28-29. The IMD released its three-month forecast in early March. It said areas in north-western and central India, including Delhi-NCR, would be hotter than last year. However, in that bulletin, the IMD stated that the number of heatwave days in March would be lower than last time.

Delhi-Weather Forecast

IMD Forecast for Delhi Weather

The heat wave will continue, there will be no rain
For the third time since 2013, the temperature has risen above 34 degrees in the first fortnight of March. According to forecasts, the heat wave will continue to increase. There is no chance of rain till March 22. According to Skymet Weather, unlike the last few years, there has been no rain in March so far this year. This is the third time in the first fortnight of March since 2013 that the temperature has crossed 34 degrees. Earlier, the temperature was 36.2 degrees in 2018 and 35.2 degrees in 2021. On March 15, 2022, the maximum temperature was recorded at 34.7 degrees.

The heat will burn and the rivers will flow … India is going to be devastated in 15-20 years! This scary report

What is Lu?
According to the IMD, heatwave conditions occur when the maximum temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius and the minimum is 4.5 degrees Celsius above normal. If the temperature is recorded at 6.5 degrees or above normal, it is called ‘severe heat’.


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