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Mysterious ‘dragon’ skull found on the beach, holes made to let out hot air?

London: A picture of a ‘dragon’ skull similar to the TV series House of Dragons is being seen on the internet. This picture was shared on Reddit. According to reports, it was found on a beach in Britain. The skull in this image has two pointed eyes. There are slits between the eyes and a long mouth below. reddit But a user posted the photo and asked, ‘Some kind of animal skull has been found in the sand on Bridlington Beach. Does anyone know what creature it was?’

Speculations are being made after looking at the pictures. Some call it a wyvern rather than a four-legged dragon, a mythical creature with two wings like a snake. Seeing the visible hole in the skull, one person wrote, ‘Dragon throws fire. These holes allow hot air to escape, so that their skulls don’t crack.’ Along with this, another user has also called it a dragon.

Dragon skull

A user pointed out the spine of the dragon
Another user wrote that if it is associated with a dragon, it cannot be a skull. This is his backbone. Another shared his experience of encountering a similar skull. He said he found similar remains during a uni field trip to Scotland. He wrote that when we first found it, we assumed it was a skull with holes for eyes.

the seagull

What is the truth?
On a Reddit post, one user dismissed everyone who was calling it a dragon. He explained that it belonged to a bird called the Sea Gull. For this he created a blog and a research also shared In it, a scientist explained about the organs of birds. This is the seagull’s pelvis, which is attached to the bottom of its feet.


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