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My friend, I know tomorrow is your birthday… Putin mentions Modi’s birthday but don’t know why

Samarkand: Today is the last day of the 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization held in Uzbekistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached Samarkand to attend the summit, met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. During the bilateral meeting, the two leaders discussed several global issues including the Ukraine war. According to reports, Putin also invited PM Modi to come to Russia. There was a moment during the conversation when both the leaders had smiles on their faces. Putin mentioned PM Modi’s birthday, which came a day later, but instead of congratulating him, only formally wished him.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday is on September 17. But the day before he is in Samarkand instead of India attending the SCO Summit. Putin told PM Modi as a friend that his birthday is coming up one day later and we know it. But the Russian president did not wish his friend a happy birthday. You will know the reason after watching the full video.

What did Putin say on PM Modi’s birthday?
Putin told PM Modi, ‘My friend, tomorrow you are going to celebrate your birthday. According to Russian traditions we never greet in advance so I can’t do that right now. But I want to tell you that we are aware of it. We wish you and our friendly country India all the best. We wish India prosperity under your leadership. “I am aware of your position and concerns on the Ukraine conflict,” Putin told PM Modi.

Putin invited PM Modi to come to Russia, PM said in SCO – the world is aware of our friendship
‘We want the Ukraine war to end quickly’
The Russian President said that we want all this to end as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening there. In the meeting with Putin, PM Modi said that I am thankful to you and Ukraine because thousands of our students stuck in crisis could come out only with the help of both of you. He said that today the world is facing many big problems, especially developing countries, including food security, fuel security, fertilizers and we have to find ways to deal with them.


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