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Mom drives a rickshaw, has a debt of millions on her head, Remo D’Souza’s heart ached after hearing the pain of DID competitors, took this step

In today’s world there are fewer people who understand the pain and more people who make fun of it. Very few people understand the plight of the people and come forward to help them. There are many names in Bollywood who are reaching out to help people. But it is said that a person who is successful in his endeavors can understand the suffering of others. Recently, once again the famous choreographer and filmmaker Remo D’Souza understood the pain of a contestant of Dance India Dance Little Master 5 (DID Little Master Season 5), after which his heart was broken and he faced difficulties. Decided to do normal while doing.

Remo D’Souza is a good choreographer and filmmaker. He is an equally good person. Remo, who has judged many dance reality shows, has got many contestants out of their predicament. Recently, in Dance India Dance Little Master 5 (DID Little Master Season 5), Remo got emotional after hearing about the problems of an 8 year old boy from Delhi.

Mom borrowed money and bought a rickshaw
In fact, 8-year-old Himanshu, who lives in Delhi, lost his father at a very young age. The mother decided to drive a rickshaw to feed her two children. The decision was not easy, as there was not a penny in his pocket. So he took a loan of Rs 8 lakh. The loan was used to buy a rickshaw and support the family, but being a female rickshaw puller, she often had to come out on the streets to listen to rhetoric and torture.

What did Remo say to Himanshu’s mother?
Seeing her mother’s pain and hard work to make her children’s dreams come true, Remo D’Souza was heartbroken and announced to help Himanshu’s family. Remo said to Himanshu’s mother, ‘I would love to help you in this EMI that you are paying for your rickshaw. Tell me how much money is left, I will pay. I don’t want it to put any pressure on you or Himanshu. Now this rickshaw is yours. Just pay attention to your children and live happily ever after.

Anand Kumar’s story also made Remo emotional
Not only Himanshu, Remo Anand Kumar’s story also became emotional. Anand is the son of a vegetable seller. There was a time during the epidemic when he had to drop out of school due to his family’s financial situation. But her family did her best to support her in her dream of becoming a dancer and did not allow her dance classes to stop.

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