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Mohammad Zubair, Nupur Sharma, Modi government and Opposition, former Union Minister Salman Khurshid spoke openly on all issues.

New DelhiFormer External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Sunday spoke in the wake of India’s retaliatory attack on Germany’s criticism of the arrest of Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair. “The government should ensure that there is no reason for dissent and that it should not adopt a non-judgmental attitude towards us,” Kharshid said.

Why doesn’t PM Modi talk about ‘how can we be together again’?
The senior Congress leader alleged that the government had completely failed to implement the land law without any fear or discrimination. At the same time, he questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who likes to talk about everything, does not talk about unity and how we can get back together. “It would have been different if he had been the prime minister who remained silent, but it is not the prime minister who remains silent, he speaks,” Khurshid said. So why isn’t he saying anything about it? Why doesn’t he say let’s get together, this country will not succeed if we continue to be divided.

A common platform is necessary to save the country – Khurshid
Asked about the unity of the Opposition in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections (2024 General Elections) and its path, Khurshid said that the Opposition was facing a lot of deceptive opposition and if they did not act soon, they would Will fall behind. Khurshid said a common platform was essential to save this country. At the same time, he emphasized that “history will never forgive those who fail to do so. On the issue of Zubair’s arrest and alleged suppression of dissent,” the Congress leader said. It’s getting harder to talk in general because of the consequences. ” Predict the bad. “

What did Salman Khurshid say about Mohammad Zubair?
“You don’t get bail immediately, if everyone has to go to the Supreme Court … then it’s a matter of concern,” said Salman Khurshid. Asked about Germany’s criticism of Zubair’s arrest and whether the action taken against fact-finder or activist Teesta Setalvad had tarnished India’s image abroad, Khurshid said, “When India gets encouragement from the world.” So we applaud it, but when the world raises issues that are “negative about us, we feel bad.” “The natural reaction is to interfere in our internal affairs,” he said. Don’t give up. That’s right, I can say, I have been in government and we have taken the same stand in government that we do not want the world to interfere in our internal affairs.

‘Don’t say anything against us’ is not adopted by the government
The Congress leader said, “The reality is that the world is changing, what is happening in other countries, what is happening in our country, they also have an opinion. If we do not want a negative opinion to be formed, then we should show our good side for it. We have to make sure that there is no reason for dissent, ”he said. “The government should pay attention to this and not say anything against us,” he said.

Congress leader Salman Khurshid said, “You live in a world where you have to live by the rules of the world in which you have a share and if something goes wrong we have an equal right to call it wrong.” Citing an example, he said that in what happened in Bukhara, Ukraine, India did not say it was wrong and should be fully investigated. He said Russia could have complained that it was its military operation and that India was interfering.

“You don’t live alone,” Khurshid said. You live in a collective world and in a collective world you have to be sensitive about how people view your activities. However, he said there should be no direct interference in internal affairs and it was a principle that India should uphold. “But I think there are limits within which we should be sensitive to world opinion,” he said. ,

A German Foreign Ministry official said on Wednesday that in the wake of the police crackdown on Zubair, journalists should not be harassed or imprisoned for what they say or write. Rejecting the criticism of Germany, India said that the independence of the country’s judiciary was well known and comments made without knowing the facts were useless and should be avoided.

“This is an internal matter in itself,” said Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for the External Affairs Ministry. I would like to emphasize that this case is under judicial process and I do not think it would be appropriate for me or anyone else to comment on this matter which is under consideration in the court.

The former Union Minister also took up the Nupur Sharma controversy
Criticizing the government for failing to protect the rights of its citizens, Khurshid said that the government had failed to ensure that the use of land law was done without any fear or favor. Asked whether the strong reaction of the Gulf countries to the controversial remarks of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Prophet Mohammad has led to a trend of negative reaction abroad, Khurshid said, “You call it a strong reaction. Or you could call it a reaction From which you cannot escape indefinitely, sometimes your friends will also face embarrassment and they will have to raise their voice because they have their own constituencies where the people of the state have to be satisfied.

“They cannot blindfold themselves because they are also accountable,” the Congress leader said. After all, they have to speak. Citing the adverse reactions in the Gulf countries to Sharma’s remarks, Khurshid said it was a very special case as what was said had directly affected the people of those countries on the issue of religion. “The important thing is that we should have responded in a timely manner to address the concerns of our citizens,” he said. Why wait for an answer from somewhere else? ‘


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