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Meghan Markle’s co-star reveals – ‘He was offered Rs 50 lakh to claim gold’

Mumbai: Former Hollywood actress and Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle (Simon Rex) has been in the headlines at times due to some negative reports. When Meghan announced her decision to marry Prince Harry of England in 2018, a lot of rumors started circulating about her. Because before that she was a famous and successful Hollywood actress. As soon as she announced her marriage to Prince Harry, the negative news about her gained momentum. Recently, Megan Markle’s co-star Simon Rex has made a shocking revelation about Megan Markle.

Simon Rex, who once shared a screen with Meghan Markle, claims that he was once offered $ 70,000 (approximately Rs. 53 lakhs) and in return had to claim that he slept with Meghan Markle. Simon Rex has revealed the whole incident in an interview. He said he was offered 70 70,000 to claim gold with Megan Markle.

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Megan Markle has worked with Simon Rex on ‘Cuts’. The two appeared together in the same episode of the 2005 show. While Megan Markle was a successful actress, Simon was struggling to make a name for herself in the industry.

Simon Rex

Simon Rex’s tweet. (Photo credit: Twitter: @Simonrex)

Simon explained how he was offered the job when he was going through a financial crisis. He said he was offered a large sum of money to claim to have sex with Megan Markle. “My pocket was completely empty at that time,” he says. I desperately needed money. However, it is easier for me to live on a food stamp than to do that. So I turned down the offer. The conversation between Megan and me never went beyond lunch. ‘

Simon said that when he turned down the offer, Megan sent him a thank-you note. “He said I was glad to know that there are still good people in the world,” says Simon. Simon explains that he still frames Megan’s note and keeps it at home. Simon also tweeted in this regard.

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