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Meet Bajwa at night and call him a traitor during the day, Imran Khan will not go… DG ISI flared up in the press conference

Islamabad: The director general of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, Lieut. General Nadeem Anjum said that it is not possible that former Prime Minister Imran Khan would meet Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at night and call him a traitor during the day. Anjum, who came before the media for the first time after becoming DG ISI, asked, ‘If the army chief is a traitor, why did you meet him secretly? It is your right to meet him but it is not possible for you to meet him at night and call him a traitor during the day. According to Geo News, DG ISI has appointed DG ISPR. He said this in a press conference with General Babar Iftikhar. Both were addressing the media on the case of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif who was killed in Kenya. It was the first time since becoming DG ISI that Nadeem Anjum, who often stays away from public life, has come before the media. Iftikhar said the press conference is being held at a time when “it is important to get the facts right”.

Shocking revelations of PTI leader
Iftikhar termed Sharif’s death as a ‘tragic incident’. This press conference of media wing of Pakistan Army and DG ISI is taking place after PTI leader’s shocking revelation. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Faizal Wadwa said at a press conference on Wednesday that Arshad’s death was a “planned murder” that was hatched in Pakistan.

Arshad was focusing on the Cipher issue?He said that its conspirators are still present in Pakistan. “Institutions, leadership and even the army chief were accused of creating a ‘chaotic’ situation for no reason,” DG ISPR said. He said that since Arshad was an investigative journalist, he had also looked into the Cipher issue. The facts related to the death of Sypher and Arshad need to be ascertained.


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