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Mahua’s statement is a golden opportunity for the BJP, it cannot know it.

Bimal Rai
There is a saying – whoever is sick, let him go. Mahua has given life to the Bengal BJP, which is emerging from despair after the last Assembly elections. Other people are also involved in this work but for now let’s talk about Mahua. Politically savvy people were expected to exercise restraint in the wake of the uproar in the country over the Nupur Sharma scandal. But in a media conclave, Mahua chose black controversy to rob the gathering. Not unknowingly, intentionally. That Kali, whose devotee is her leader Mamata Banerjee herself, and she lives in her mother’s lap i.e. Kalighat.

BJP protests against Mahua Moitra in Kolkata (Photo: PTI)

Now the BJP is raising its voice against Mahua. Complaints have been lodged against the MP at Siliguri and Kolkata police stations. Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumdar even said that BJP Mahila Morcha members would go to the police stations and demand their arrest. According to Sukant, it is not enough to deviate from the Trinamool’s statement, Mahua should be suspended from the party. An optimistic BJP leader in Bengal, Subhendu Adhikari, has said that protests against Moitra will continue till she apologizes for her remarks about Devi Kali. According to him, this is the last time he has tolerated people in Bengal who use insulting words against Hindu deities. Next time, he will not allow anyone to speak against his gods. “We will not stop the dharna until she listens and apologizes,” he said. The BJP has made it clear that Mamata Banerjee presents herself as a supporter of Hindus only for electoral gain. The reality of their Hindutva love has become clear from this incident. He has no shortage of examples to prove his point against Mamata. Prior to the last Assembly elections, Sayoni Ghosh was made the President of the TMC Youth Wing. Senior BJP leader Tathagata Rai had also questioned Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. According to him, Mamata has made a big mistake by giving a new responsibility to Sayoni Ghosh as her decision has hurt the feelings of Hindus in Bengal. Earlier, Mamata’s nephew Abhishek was in the post. Such massive propaganda sent the message that Mamata was not sensitive to the feelings of Hindus. A few years ago, a photo of Shivling was shared from Sayoni Ghosh’s Twitter handle, which was considered highly objectionable. After the uproar, Zioni clarified that her account had been hacked. On the whole controversy, Abhishek Banerjee had said that the BJP would have to understand that Hindus and Muslims do not work in West Bengal. However, Sayoni Ghosh lost to Asansol South seat BJP candidate and it was said that this was due to the displeasure of Hindu voters.

During the Eid celebrations last year, Mamata had said from the stage that even a milking cow’s leg could be tolerated. This was also seen as a sign of continuing the policy of appeasement. Although Hindus have no objection, Didi has been reciting Chandi Path in almost every constituency. A few years back, he had fasted Santoshi Mata for 16 weeks and demanded that if the land bought by Tata in Singur was returned, I would build a temple. In 2019, he built the temple. What is different is that the Singur case has almost closed the doors of investment in Bengal. Didi has bought land worth Rs 8 crore in Digha and is constructing a Jagannath temple like Puri at a cost of Rs 128 crore. When she is spending so much government money on Hinduism, she naturally hopes that it will make Hindus happy and that she will strike a balance. She also seems to strike a balance like a skilled nut, but it is like walking on a double-edged sword. She had recently announced that she would launch a jihad against the BJP on the day of martyrdom on July 21. He later clarified that this meant protest. The question is, should they have used the word jihad given the current climate in the country?

The percentage of Muslim votes in Bengal is around 28 to 30. Thus, Mamata’s vote bank has 30 per cent reserve. She wants to rest by getting the remaining votes from the relatively secular sections of the Hindus. But the wind is blowing. She understands that too. Mamata may be overwhelmed by the statements of leaders like Mahua in view of the crowd gathering at Shubhendu Adhikari’s meetings. Showing distance from Mahua’s statement is part of the Trinamool chief’s changed strategy. Mamata also read out the message of forming a BJP government with Eknath Shinde in Maharashtra on the issue of Hindutva and the huge crowd at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Jan Sabha in Telangana. She would not want to take any risk on the Mahua Moitra controversy.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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