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Mahesh Manjrekar said, Kannada cinema was on the verge of closure, then one man made history by making KGF; I’m jealous..

Yash’s blockbuster film ‘KGF’ has broken every record at the box office. It has not only set a benchmark for the Kannada film industry but has also taken the box office by storm. Like the first part of the film, its second sequel has also earned a lot. The film took the domestic box office as well as the international markets by storm as it grossed over 1000 crores worldwide. During a recent event, Bollywood filmmaker and actor Mahesh Manjrekar also praised KGF while talking about Marathi cinema.

Like KGF, Marathi cinema also needs a chance

The ‘Antime: The Final Truth’ director filmmaker was recently spotted at an award function where some of the leading personalities of Marathi cinema were present. Talking about Marathi cinema, Mahesh Manjrekar gave the example of Kannada cinema and said that when everyone thought that the Kannada film industry would shut down anytime, one man created KGF and it created history. The filmmaker also said that similarly Marathi cinema needs a chance and he wants people to believe in it.

KGF saved the Kannada film industry from closure

Manjrekar said, ‘We have to shout from the rooftops that Marathi cinema is great. I would like to mention that a few years ago the state of Kannada film industry was such that it seemed that it would never stop, but there was one person who believed in making a film and spent a lot of money on it. That person made history by making a movie called KGF. I’m glad he didn’t make both parts of KGF in Hindi, he shot the film in Kannada and dubbed in Hindi. After this again threw it on the heads of the audience. I envy these people but I also love doing something like them and it’s awesome.

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Mahesh Manjrekar said, Marathi cinema is at the top in terms of content

He further said that ‘There is no dearth of talent in Marathi cinema, so what do we lack? We also need people who believe in our vision. It is also important that if we make films on a large scale with determination and confidence, something similar can happen here. He said, ‘When it comes to content, our cinema is at the top. Today, only Marathi and Malayalam cinema is providing strong content in movies. One must trust us and spend money, as the KGF makers did.

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