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Lodhi Samaj boycotted Brahmins in Madhya Pradesh, fined 5100 rupees for inviting them to worship… BJP trapped?

Shivpuri: Pritam Lodhi, a big leader of Lodhi society, commented on Brahmins. After this, the people of the Brahmin community started protesting in the entire state. To please the Brahmins, the BJP had shown Pritam Lodhi a way out of the party. After this, OBC people started protesting against BJP across the state. Along with this, some narrators of the state also started speaking against Pritam Lodhi, who was allegedly believed to be a BJP supporter. This political battle in Madhya Pradesh has now come down to two castes. BJP is caught in the middle. People of Lodhi community in Shivpuri district have decided to boycott Brahmins.

The Lodhi society has decided that we will not invite Brahmins in our house worship. Along with this, it has been decided in the panchayat that if a person invites Brahmins to his house for worship, he will be fined five thousand rupees. Such letters have been distributed in many villages of Shivpuri district. Also, this letter has the signatures of many people of the society.

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Actually, the letter which went viral on social media is old. Its date is 25 August 2022. Also, in some villages, this decision has been taken on August 23. The verdict in Malwani village said that people of Lodhi community had gathered near Siddhababa temple. In this, all the people have decided that all of us villagers will not invite Pandits in Katha, marriage, quarrels and Havan events. If a person calls Pandit, he will be fined Rs 5100. It has also been said that this Panchnama has been written with the support of the Lodhi Society. If a person violates this Panchnama, he will be expelled from the society.

Similarly, this decision has also been taken in many villages with a plurality of Lodhis. After the decision, such panchnama has been prepared. It is divided into villages. Especially in the Chambal region, Lodhi vs Brahmin conflict is seen more. A protest rally was held in Bhind district under the leadership of Pritam Singh Lodhi. The policemen were attacked in this. After the boycott, this dispute will increase.

BJP in trouble
Along with this, assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in 2023. The controversy only increased after Pritam Lodhi was expelled from the BJP. After the controversy escalated, the BJP calmed down. BJP does not want to take any risk before 2023. The party is trying to keep both castes in mind. BJP stalwart Uma Bharti also hails from the Lodhi community. There is news from inside that the party wants to resolve this dispute. People from both castes are the main voters of BJP. After the dismissal of Pritam Lodhi, there is a protest from within the party as well.

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