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Lock Upp: Pyal Rohatgi’s clash with Siddharth Sharma, said- ‘Wash your undergarments too and you …’

Kangana Ranaut’s lockup is witnessing a hot battle every day. After an argument with Karanveer Bohra, Pyal Rohatgi has now clashed with Siddharth Sharma. After losing a task, the two members of the Orange Block were seen arguing with each other and Pyle blamed Siddharth for his defeat.

In fact, the Orange team did the work of making turmeric, coriander and chilli flakes for the Blue team but lost the job. After losing the task, Orange Block leader Pyal Rohatgi became angry and blamed Siddharth for the defeat, which led to a heated confrontation between the two.

Pyle explained the reason for the defeat to Siddharth
After losing the task, Pyle told Siddharth that he was feeling tired during the task and that is why his team lost the task. “You were feeling tired during the task and went to change the mask twice, during which the blue team did its job quickly and so we lost,” he said.

Siddharth got upset at Pyal’s request
Denying this, Siddharth said, “I was disturbed by the kind of instructions being given to me. You talk too much and I have a problem with that. Pyle asked, ‘Then how do I talk in the middle of a task? Should I call you ‘Siddharth ji’? Did I curse you? ‘

‘I lift your legs and wash them too’
Pyle repeatedly told Siddharth – there is no one outside. “How can I explain to you that we can be disabled?” I also lift your legs all day, I wash them too. I do all your work all day and if I call you ‘out’ during work do you mind?

“I don’t need anyone’s protection,” Sharma said
In this debate, Pyal further said that I have saved you in the bathroom case with Shivam, without knowing whose fault it was. Siddharth replied to Payal, “Did I tell you to do that? I also told you not to do that and I don’t need any protection. I can defend myself. The problem is you don’t understand all this.

Pyal Rohatgi stuck to his word
“You were tired, in what voice did the leader speak?” There will be another leader tomorrow and I will have to follow his rules.

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