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Lock Upp: Karanveer Bohra erupts over Kundra, then becomes Anjali Arora

Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’ is getting a lot of likes from the viewers. Many celebrities have appeared as contestants in the reality show, competing against each other in Kangana’s ‘jail’. In the show, Karan Kundra is seen as a jailer who never shyed away from taking classes for the contestants. In a recent episode, Karanveer Bohra was invited to Jhol Ghar. Where jailor Karan Kundra took his class and the cause was Anjali Arora. Due to which Karanveer’s show host Kangana Ranaut had earlier taken the class.

Now Karan Kundra has also put Karanveer Bohra’s class in the show. He was angry with Anjali Arora over the actor’s ‘fake love angle’, at which Karan Kundra invited her to Jhol Ghar and questioned her about planning a false love angle with Anjali Arora. Karanveer said in his explanation that it was not a romance angle, but an angle in which Anjali would crush him.

“There was talk of making angles, but I never took part in it because I am already married,” says Karanveer. This is not at all on my part. My wife, children and family must have felt bad, so I apologize to them. After listening to Karanveer, Karan Kundra also looks very angry with him. He told Karanveer that it looked very bad from the outside.

“It looks so bad,” said Karan Kundra. You know how long I have known TJ. you know. You put yourself in the place of TJ. How bad would you feel if she did something like that on a show? Listening to Karan Kundra, Karanveer also gets very emotional and then apologizes to his wife TJ. “Your wife is constantly standing by you and you are doing such things on the show,” he said. After this Karanveer is also given a chance to visit his family due to Holi. Where his three daughters and wife TJ came to visit him.

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