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Lawrence Bishnoi gang: Haryana STF operation, 5 members of Lawrence Bishnoi gang arrested, 6 luxury cars recovered

GurugramHaryana STF has achieved great success on Monday. STF has arrested five members of Lawrence Bishnoi gang in connection with the murder case of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala. Apart from this Haryana STF has also arrested 5 members of another notorious gang Kala Jathedari gang. Six stolen luxury cars have also been recovered.

Disclosing the details of the arrest, SP Sumit Kumar said that all the accused were involved in smuggling of finance drugs and liquor. A key criminal has also been arrested. His name is Manoj Bakkarwala. He is a notorious executive. Sources said that the STF team had received special information about the movements of the accused in Bahadurgarh. He said that the team acted swiftly, laid a trap near Bahadurgarh bypass and caught them.

The arrested persons include Chirag, who runs an illegal drug business of the Bishnoi gang in southern Haryana, and Tinu Bhiwani’s younger brother, who was arrested in the Musewala murder case, sources said. He said that other persons included car thieves Manoj Bakkarwala, Prakash Barmer, Barmer of Rajasthan, Amit resident of Pinjore and Sanjay resident of Punjab Zirakpur. He said that apart from the Bishnoi gang, he had been working for the Black Jathedari gang for a long time.

The accused Bakkarwala and the rest came in contact with Lawrence Bishnoi and Sampat Nehra through the notorious Bishnoi gangster Tinu Bhiwani. Superintendent of Police (SP) Sumit Kuhar said that during interrogation, Bakkarwala revealed that he used to supply arms and drugs to the Bishnoi gang. Kuhar said that he too has been addicted to stealing luxury cars and so far he has stolen hundreds of luxury vehicles from different states of the country.

“He has been arrested several times and escaped by evading police,” he said. Several cases have been registered against him in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. He has also been in jail for about 10 years. All are being interrogated in depth so that the rest of the gang members can be apprehended.


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