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Kumar Gaurav made a big mistake in his career, films released 20 years ago, now he handles big business

Kumar Gaurav’s face comes to the fore when he hears the song ‘Look, I dreamed, I am a small town, I am at home’. The song is from the 1981 film ‘Love Story’, from which Kumar Gaurav made his Bollywood debut. The film made Kumar Gaurav, the son of famous actor Rajendra Kumar, an overnight star. The opposite actor in the film was Vijeta Pandit. After his superhit debut, Kumar Gaurav did many other films but he could not achieve such success and then disappeared from sight. Where is Kumar Gaurav now? What has he got to do with Sanjay Dutt? Why refuse to work with Mandakini? On the occasion of Kumar Gaurav’s birthday on July 11, we are telling you all these questions.

Kumar Gaurav became an overnight star in 1981 with ‘Love Story’

After making his superhit debut in 1981, Kumar Gaurav made several films like ‘Teri Kasam’, ‘Hum Hai Lajwab’, ‘Dil Tujhko Diya’, ‘Aaj’, ‘Goonj’ and ‘Pratigyabh’. But there was no success. Somewhere the reason is believed to be the refusal to work with new heroines. In fact, while Kumar Gaurav was shooting for ‘Love Story’, actress Mandakini was also set to make her film debut.

Kumar Gaurav winner Pandit

Kumar Gaurav with the winning Pandit in Love Story, Photo: insta / bollywood.nostalgia

Refuse to work with new heroines, including Mandakini
Mandakini started her Bollywood career with Raj Kapoor’s ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ but before this film she was signed for ‘Shirin Farhad’. It was going to be Mandakini’s debut film. Producer Dinesh Bansal wanted to sign Kumar Gaurav with Mandakini in ‘Shirin Farhad’. At that time, Kumar Gaurav was busy with ‘Love Story’. Due to this, Dinesh Bansal and Mandakini decided to wait for the release of Kumar Gaurav’s debut film.

Kumar Gaurav then and now 1

Kumar Gaurav, Photo: ETimes / Instagram

Kumar Gaurav had to face this mistake? Raj Kapoor supports Mandakini
But when ‘Love Story’ was released, it became a super hit and made Kumar Gaurav an overnight star. It is said that Kumar Gaurav’s feelings increased after this. When Dinesh Bansal approached Kumar Gaurav for ‘Shirin Farhad’, the actor refused to do the film. According to reports, Kumar Gaurav made it clear to him that he would prefer to work with famous actresses and not with any new actress. Dinesh Bansal tried to persuade Kumar Gaurav but he refused and made it clear that he would do his film only if he got a well-known actress in it. Dinesh Bansal had to stop his film ‘Shirin Farhad’ due to compulsion.

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Kumar Gaurav’s films started flopping, he left the industry in 2002
It is said that Kumar Gaurav was addicted to the success of his debut film and this addiction took him away. Kumar Gaurav has refused to work with Mandakini. The word spread throughout the film industry. But Mandakini’s fortunes unfolded because of Raj Kapoor. He had launched Mandakini in films with ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’. The film was a blockbuster and Mandakini became an overnight star. Kumar Gaurav, on the other hand, kept slipping in his career working with famous actresses. Not a single Kumar Gaurav film has been a hit since ‘Love Story’, while Mandakini dominated the entire industry.

Kumar Gaurav Rajendra Kumar

Photo: Insta / RetroBollywood

Kumar Gaurav manages the construction and travel business
Kumar Gaurav slowly disappeared. His last film was Kante in 2002, which was a multistarrer film. Today, Kumar Gaurav is a successful businessman, but far from the world of films. Kumar Gaurav owns a travel business in the Maldives and also runs a construction business.

Kumar Gaurav now

Kumar Gaurav now looks like this, Photo: Twitter / Instagram

Kamal is related to Amrohi’s family, Sanjay Dutt’s brother-in-law
He was married to Sanjay Dutt’s sister Namrata Dutt. Kumar Gaurav and Namrata have two daughters – Sia and Sanchi. While daughter Sanchi is married to Kamal Amrohi’s son Bilal, Sia is also married.


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