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Kovid deaths in China: Corona outbreak in China, first death in 1 year, 9 million people in lockdown, know the state of the world

Beijing: In China, for the first time in more than a year, two people have died of corona virus infection. Two-thirds of China’s provinces are affected by the highly contagious secret omikron variant of the corona. As a result, about 90 million people have been completely or partially locked up. New cases of corona are constantly emerging in China. That is why it is said to be the biggest outbreak since the Wuhan epidemic. Experts warn that if the corona continues to grow in China, it will engulf the entire country.

China’s National Health Authority said on Saturday that two people had died of corona virus infection in the country. The death toll has risen for the first time since January 2021. There have been several cases of infection with the omecron variant of the corona virus in China. Both deaths from corona infection have occurred in the northeastern province of Jilin, bringing the death toll in the country to 4,638. On Saturday, 2,157 new cases of corona infection were reported in China, related to the community outbreak of the infection.
China Covid Wave: The most cases in one day in the history of Corona in China, will there be another serious epidemic in the world?
Travel bans have been imposed in Jilin Province
Most of these cases came from China’s Jilin Province. Travel restrictions have been imposed in Jilin Province to prevent the spread of the infection, and people have to get permission from the police to travel. Since the outbreak of the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, 4,636 people have died so far. These figures were updated once in April 2020.

Meanwhile, cases of corona virus worldwide have risen to 46.76 crore. The epidemic has so far killed more than 60.7 million people, while more than 10.77 billion have been vaccinated. These figures are shared by Johns Hopkins University. In the latest update, the total number of current global cases, deaths and vaccines has risen to 467,671,421, 6,070,281 and 10,772,862,375 respectively. According to the CSSE, the United States remains the most affected country, with 79,717,219 cases and 970,804 cases worldwide.
Xi’an Lockdown: 13 million people in China are starving to death, imprisoned in homes for nine days.
India is the second most affected country
India is the second most affected country in Corona cases, with 43,004,005 cases reported, with 516,281 deaths, followed by Brazil with 29,584,800 cases and 657,098 deaths. . According to CSSE data, France (24,143,852), UK (20,243,664), Germany (18,412,185), Russia (17,264,828), Turkey (14,663,508), Italy (13,4163) are the second most affected countries with more than 10 million cases. ), Italy (13,4163,234). ). Countries with more than 100,000 deaths include Russia (356,327), Mexico (321,806), Peru (211,691), UK (164,099), Italy (157,607), Indonesia (153,411), and France (149,386). France (149,386). , Colombia (139,415), Argentina (127,439), Germany (126,686), Poland (114,087), Ukraine (112,459) and Spain (101,703).


90 million people in China are locked down due to corona virus


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