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Kishanganj cash van robbery: Conspiracy hatched by SIS employees, 8 arrested with 60 lakh cash

Kishanganj: From SIS cash van employees near Bihar-Bengal border 2 Crore 3 Lakh rupees looted The police have disclosed. Kishanganj police have arrested 8 accused in the robbery case that happened three days ago. Five of the arrested accused are SIS personnel. The police have also recovered cash worth 60 lakhs from these persons. Kishanganj SP Dr Immanul Haq Meganu said that on September 13, SIS jawans along with miscreants hatched a planned conspiracy to steal Rs 2 crore from the cash van. Jamil Akhtar, the driver of the cash van, has revealed the mastermind of this incident during the interrogation by the police.

The SP said that 15 days before the incident, SIS jawans had planned to rob a cash van at the house of a man named Sukrudin, a resident of Kalu village under Gawalpokhar police station in West Bengal. According to the SP, on the day of the incident, 9 criminals were involved in the robbery of cash, out of which four criminals were following the cash van by taking the location from its driver and giving the location to their other accomplices, one of whom was A cash van was waiting near Rampur in West Bengal

Went to Bengal to get oil as per plan
The SP said that after depositing cash in the ATM located at the BSF camp as per the plan, the cash reached Khagra near Rampur in Bengal on the pretext of bringing oil for the cash vehicle, then the SIS employees cashed the remaining money. Thrown in the van He gave it to his partner who was already there. After this, the SIS jawans gave false information to the Kishanganj police to confuse the police.

60 lakh rupees were recovered during the raid
After the incident, Kishanganj police following the court order registered zero FIR on the driver’s statement of cash and it was given to Chakulia police of West Bengal through post, but Chakulia police of Bengal refused to take the post. After this, the Kishanganj police captain formed a raiding team and raided various places in Gwalpokhar police station area of ​​West Bengal with the help of villagers and recovered cash worth Rs 60 lakh from the three people involved in the incident.

Five of the arrested criminals are SIS
According to SP, Jamil Akhtar (Driver) Police Station Gwalpokhar, Gulzar Hussain (Gunman) Police Station-Chakulia, Sultan Ahmed (Gunman) Police Station-Gwalpokhar, Vinay Kumar Mandal Police Station-Barsoi (Bihar), Dasharth Raut Police Station Barsoi. (Bihar) were involved in this conspiracy. Arrests have been made from Qurban Ali Police Station-Gwalpokhar, Suruddin Police Station-Gwalpokhar, Muzammil Police Station-Gwalpokhar. Out of which two are from Bihar and 6 from West Bengal. During the raid, the Kishanganj police have recovered 60 lakh rupees, 4 mobile phones and three bikes used for the conspiracy.


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