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King Charles May Rule Britain ‘Forever’… But One Big Condition, Baba Venga Foretold

Britain has got a new king after 70 years. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, now King Charles III is sitting on the throne of the country. Baba Venga prophesied about 73-year-old King Charles. Baba Venga said that if King Charles lived to be 97, there was no clear limit on when his time on the throne would end. Many predictions of Baba Venga have come true. He was called the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’. Some people say that 80 to 85 percent of their claims later turned out to be true. Baba Venga also predicted that from the year 2046, humans will be able to live comfortably even after the age of 100 years.

Will Baba Venga’s words prove to be true?

Baba Venga claimed that the 100-plus years behind human life would be due to advances in science and research related to organ transplants, which would allow people to live longer than ever before. Charles, who became king in the year 2022, is currently 73 years old and will have to live another 24 years for Baba Venga’s prediction to come true. He will be 97 years old in the year 2046. Elizabeth II was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. According to Baba Venga’s prediction, King Charles would have to live a year longer than he did to become king indefinitely. However, it is difficult to say anything about the probability of this prediction coming true.

Baba Vanga… sometimes right sometimes wrong

Baba Venga said that World War III will start in November 2010 and end in October 2014, but some of his claims have been proven true. Baba Venga predicted that in 2022 floods will affect some parts of the earth. The predictions he made about the 44th President of the United States being African American, the existence of the terrorist group ISIS and the 9/11 attacks came true. But no one knows the future of King Charles at this time. It is also possible that Baba Wanga’s prediction will come true and Charles will break his mother’s record of 70 years. Baba Venga was a blind woman from Bulgaria. He lost his eyes at the age of 12.

Forecast of famine-like situation in India

It is said that Baba Venga was gifted with divine vision by God, due to which his eyesight went away. Baba Venga made a scary prediction about India in 2022. He had said that this year the temperature will drop in the world, due to which the outbreak of locusts will increase. Swarms of locusts will invade India in search of greenery and food, causing heavy crop damage and famine in the country.

Baba Venga’s prediction came true in 2022


Baba Venga has made several predictions about the year 2022, some of which seem to be coming true so far. He predicted floods in Australia and drought and water crisis in many cities. According to reports, earlier this year, heavy rains lashed the east coast of Australia, causing severe flooding. Along with this, there was news last month that Britain, Italy and Portugal, surrounded by large glaciers and water, are in the grip of severe drought and are urging people to conserve water.


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