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Killing Lions: Where Did Humanity Go? 6 lions were poisoned for teeth and claws and their necks were cut, 17 years in prison

Kampala: Last year, two men poisoned six lions for their hands and paws in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Park. Now, while hearing this case, the court has sentenced both the murderers to 17 years each. The severed heads of the killed lions have also been recovered from them. A Ugandan court has declared it inhumane and a crime against humanity. The men had confessed to their crime in court and said that they had smuggled lions’ teeth and claws to sell on the black market. At that time there was an uproar in Uganda over the killing of six lions at the same time. Many international agencies and non-governmental organizations also pressured the Ugandan government to take strict action regarding this incident. Because of this, the case of killing of lions has been tried in fast track court and punishments have been given to the accused.

The severed heads of lions have been recovered from the captured people
According to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, these two accused confessed to killing the lions after being caught by the police. Not only this, he also showed the police officials the place where the severed heads of the lions were hidden. According to Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gad Rugaju Ahimbisibwe, the two men – 49-year-old Vincent Tumuhirwe and 40-year-old Robert Ario – admitted to killing the lions for their teeth and claws.

How much are lion parts sold for?
Ugandan police said the two had killed six lions for business. The accused told in the police interrogation that the lion’s head is sold for 10 dollars, while its fat is sold for 15 dollars. Tiger claws and hearts are also sold at almost the same price to small companies making medicines, beauty products. According to the police, both of them used the dangerous chemical pesticide Fardan to kill the lions.

The carcasses were left in the open for vultures.
These people poisoned the lions and cut off their heads and paws. They left the carcasses of the lions in the open for the feast of the vultures. Seeing such a large number of vultures roaming in one place, the team of forest rangers reached the place where the dead bodies of these six lions were lying. These lions were of the tree-climbing breed. Tree-climbing lions are found mainly in two places in Africa. One of them lives in Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda and the other in Manyara, Tanzania. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists lions as vulnerable to extinction.


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