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Khesri Lal Yadav looked so thin early in his career, difficult to identify in photos

Bhojpuri cinema superstar Khesri Lal Yadav got the first success of his career with the album ‘Mal Milni Mela Mein’. He then made his debut in Bhojpuri films (Khesri Lal Yadav debuted in Bhojpuri). His look has been quite impressive in the early stages of his career. If you look at him as compared to today, no one will be able to recognize the actor in the old picture. In this case, you are seeing a photo of him (Khesri Lal Yadav unseen photo), which has been shared on social media from his memoirs page. It is very difficult to identify him in the photo that came out. See

In fact, an old photo of Khesari Lal Yadav has been shared by his manager Sonu Pandey on Instagram (Khesari lal yadav instagram). It is seen that she (rare photo of Khesri Lal Yadav) is looking very thin. It is difficult to identify him in this picture. If we talk about the look of the actor in the picture, you can see that he is posing in curly long hair, black glasses and jeans-T-shirt. In it, his manager Sonu Pandey is standing with a diary in his hand and Krishna Badi is seen with him. Krishna Bedardi is a Bhojpuri speaker. The name of the friendship is given along with the photo sharing. One thing is clear, these three have been good friends for a long time. This unseen picture of Khesari is going viral on social media.

Khesari started his film career in 2012

After the success of the Bhojpuri album ‘Mal Bathai Mela Mein’, Khesari Lal made his first Bhojpuri film (Khesari Lal Yadav’s first Bhojpuri film) in 2012, titled ‘Saajan Chale Sasural’. In-laws). She was seen in the lead role with actress Smriti Sinha. The chemistry between the two was much appreciated by the people. Since then, the two have worked together in many films back to back. Today, Khesari has become a big name in the world of cinema and has no identity.

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Let me tell you that Khesri Lal Yadav is known by this name in movies but in fact his name is Shatrughan Kumar Yadav. He has faced many struggles from his childhood to his success. He has sold everything from buffalo milk to litti chokha in Delhi with his wife during the days of struggle. The actor also quit his BSF job to become a singer. Today he is known as a successful actor. His efforts have been successful.

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