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Kashmir files: ‘Sister’s son beheaded and thrown in courtyard …’

Kashmir files: Different stories. Similar stories. The pain of separation from loved ones. To lose everything. Witness the horrific carnage. The film Kashmir Files has healed the wounds of Kashmiri Pandits. His pain for the massacre of Hindus in the 90’s has gone away. They are coming forward and testifying about what happened at that time. There is no room left to hide the pain of these Kashmiri Pandits. Sarla is also one of the Kashmiri Pandits whose chest wounds at that time have become cancerous. Her cousin’s son and uncle were brutally murdered by terrorists. Sarla is 75 years old. She trembles at the memory of that scene. He recently told the painful story of his relatives on a TV channel. The entire team of the film Kashmir Files was also present.

Sarla said on camera that he had witnessed the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. Some of his relatives remained in the valley. Terrorists were selectively targeting Hindu families like hungry wolves. There was a commotion. The people were very scared. Meanwhile, their relatives fell into the hands of these terrorists. Sarla, along with her husband, managed to escape on April 1. All household items and belongings were left behind. Ten days later, she returned to Kashmir with her husband to retrieve some of her belongings. He understood that there was no place left for Hindus in Kashmir. Spending a night was too heavy. It was the scariest night of his life.

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The 75-year-old had his eyes gouged out
He left Kashmir overnight with the help of some experts. “We didn’t even have slippers on our feet,” Sarla said. Didn’t eat anything. The only purpose was to escape. She will never forget that night until she dies.

Sarla said her uncle Jindlal Kaul and her sister’s husband were brutally murdered ten days later. Her cousin’s son was not spared either. He found out about it from the news. She trembles at the memory of that scene.

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Sarla’s uncle was hanged from a tree by terrorists. His limbs were amputated. The eyes were taken out. The thugs did this when their uncle was 75 years old. Sarla says that Jindlal Kaul was a wonderful person. He was always ready to help others. He had to face an unimaginable death.

The child’s head was cut off
Sarla further said that both her sister and her husband are still missing. No one knows where they are. Both were lecturers. Mentioning the murder of her cousin’s son, Sarla cried. She says the boy was beheaded by thugs. His head was thrown into the yard. She is still suffering from all this.

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