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K Chandrasekhar Rao: If BJP makes a mistake then why should the country apologize … KCR attack, Modi called country’s weakest PM

Hyderabad:Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi He has been described as the country’s “weakest and most incompetent prime minister”. KCR on Sunday said there was a need for a “double engine” BJP-free government at the Center. On the BJP leader’s remarks against the Prophet Mohammad, KCR said that the BJP spokesperson (Nupur Sharma) had made nonsense and our representatives and ambassadors to other countries had apologized. Why should the country apologize when the BJP has done something wrong?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR, told a press conference in Hyderabad on Sunday that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had dared to declare a state of emergency in the 1970s, while the country was under Modi’s rule. Is an ‘undeclared emergency’. Applicable. He asked Supreme Court Justice J.B. Pardiwala and Justice Suryakant. “I salute them,” KCR said. They have to maintain this attitude to save this country.

Coal import pressure on states to be probed

In fact, a vacation bench of Justice Suryakant and Justice Pardiwala had on July 1 strongly reprimanded Nupur Sharma for her remarks against the Prophet Mohammad, saying that her unbridled tongue had set the whole country on fire and what was happening in the country. , He is alone. responsible for. Accusing the BJP-led Nationalist Democratic Alliance (NDA) government of being corrupt, KCR said the central government would be changed and investigated “natural causes” such as pressure on coal imports to the states. Will go

‘Country needs a double engine government without BJP’
KCR said that the country needs a double engine government without BJP. KCR, head of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), claimed that state governments other than the BJP were more progressive than those ruled by the BJP. He said that Narendra Modi government should go and a government without BJP should come. This is our slogan. Thanks to Narendra Modi. We accept your proposal of ‘Double Engine Development’, ‘Double Engine Government’. Now the people have to decide whose double engine government is to be formed. Should the BJP have a double engine government or a double engine government without the BJP?

No Prime Minister as weak and incompetent as Modi

He said that it was clear from the facts and figures that the country did not need a double engine government of BJP but a government with double engine without BJP. He said that he had no personal enmity with Modi but he was against his policies. “I am saying this and will continue to say so,” KCR said. There is no weak and incompetent Prime Minister like Modi … Skilled people were going out in the Congress regime. Now your government’s policies are depleting capital, which is depleting foreign exchange reserves.

Make in India a big failure for the country: KCR
KCR claimed that many companies were withdrawing their investments in the country and Make in India was a major failure as the country still imports kites and national flags from China. He said the NDA government should have consulted with other parties before finalizing schemes like ‘Agneepath’ and should have taken them into confidence. “They say we need the younger generation in the army,” he said. Our country also needs a young Prime Minister. He said that some retired army officers have realized that there is no laboratory for conducting Indo-China border experiments.

KCR calls for expulsion of BJP
Referring to the development of GST (Goods and Services Tax) during the BJP and Congress governments, KCR said that both the parties were embroiled in allegations and counter-allegations. He reiterated that he was working for a qualitative change in government at the national level. Calling on the youth and other sections to oust the BJP from power, the Chief Minister claimed that this was the only way to save the country.

The rupee’s fall against the dollar has targeted the Center
KCR said the ban in the name of FRBM (Financial Responsibility and Budget Management) Act was another step taken by the BJP government to harass protesting states like Telangana. To reinforce his point, KCR released a video clip in front of reporters in which Modi was seen blaming the then United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Center for the rupee’s depreciation against the dollar in Gujarat. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The country will go back a hundred years due to wrong policies of the central government: KCR
He said that decline in GDP, rise in inflation, fall in rupee, rise in prices of gas, petrol, diesel and other commodities, rise in unemployment to 8.3 per cent all exposed the failure of BJP government. KCR said that Modi should clarify on many issues and TRS would raise these issues in the coming Parliament session and other forums. He said that due to wrong policies of the central government the country would go back a hundred years. He alleged that the central government had not done anything for the people and farmers in the last eight years.


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