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Jungle News : Red eyes, terrible face… this ‘terrible monster’ is found in every house, know which creature

Vilnius: An ant is not just an organism. Often we also use ‘ant’ as an idiom for very small things. This means that every little thing is ‘ant-like’ to us. Often when you see ants living in a swarm, you can only identify them by their color, whether they are red or black. But have you ever seen the face of an ant? Apart from movies, if you ever see the face of an ant with a zoom lens or a microscope, believe me, you will be amazed.

That’s what people have been up to ever since social media saw a new photo of an ant by Eugenius Kavaliaskus. At first glance, this photo looks like a scene from a horror movie. But it’s actually a picture of an ant that recently won the award. In fact, it’s one of 57 images selected in Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography contest.

Microscope photography showed amazing moments
This amazing picture of an ant was taken by Lithuanian photographer Eugenius Kavaliauskas. This is the 48th year of the competition, which selects photographs taken with ‘microscope photography’, CNN said in a news release. In one of these pictures, a fly is seen, which is caught by a tiger beetle in its claw.

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The terrible face of the ant shown in the photo
Similarly, dinosaur bones and butterfly eggs can also be seen in amazing microscopic images. There, social media users are looking at a photo of an ant out of 57 pictures. Microscopic images of the ant show a tiny creature with red eyes, horns and a scary face.


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