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Jayanti Special: Bismillah Khan was very much in love with Ganga Maya and Banaras

Shehnai player Bismillah Khan, who will be loved by people of all castes, religions and ideologies For Bharat Ratna Mill. Bakir Hardam apan matie ras ail, for which the Shehnai player worships, Auri Kala Ishwar. Today is the 21st of March, the birthday of Bismillah Khan.

On this auspicious day in 1916, Janmal was inheriting Bismillah Khan’s ‘Shahnai’ in Dumraon, Buxar district of Bihar. From the other side, oh Grandmother, come Nanniura. In his family, Babuji Prophet Bakhsh alias Bachai Mian, Dada Rasool Bakhsh and great-grandfather Pir Bakhsh were Shahnai players of their area. In his favor, Mama Wilayat Hussain and Ali Bakhsh were well versed in shehnai-playing. By mixing everything, Bal Bismillah Khan continued to flow in blood. That is why he fell in love with Shehnai from his childhood.

When he used to go to Banke Bihari temple of Dumraon with his Babu ji every day, he started playing shahnai. Let’s start with Bismillah Khan. As a child, everyone learns that when you grow up, you become famous people, you grow old, when you should not enter into it with the sinking of ego. Always follow the path of equality of all religions.

When Bal Bismillah Khan was scolded by Shehnai and made a small puppet of Abba Haumai for her sake, she remained a mystery all day long. When at the age of ten, Khan Sahib’s head was removed from his mother’s shadow, his uncle Ali Bakhsh, his companion, came to Kashi. From here, in his blood, Banaras, Ras articles were created. In Banaras, the practice of her shahnai was very popular. When Mamu also died, his responsibility for running the water fell on him. Make it your business to play the clarinet together with your older brother.

Equally liked Khan Sahib’s Banaras and Shehnai

In Banaras and Shahnai Khan Sahib remained equal. After that Riaz Kral started his life in Banaras Isla, on the banks of Ganga. If you want to go out somewhere, don’t do program, go to the temple and play shahnai. They live in two places, Balaji Temple and Mangala Gauri Temple, they meet here every day. Famous film actor Sanjay Mishra also spent his childhood in Banaras. Tell them in your interview that Khan Sahib is his father’s friend. When we went to play the shahnai on the Bhasi Ghat of that temple, we sat there and started playing the tabla tunes from our mouths. Khan Sahib Janas Ki Ae Chanda Tang Kar Rahil Ba, Bakir was very happy to see our music. Banaras was killed for his arrogance. Bismillah Khan also died for the same cause. Everyone knows him, everyone in Banaras knows him … Grow up world famous Bhaila, grow Bharat Ratna. It is famous to say that Kabho Kapare Na Chadhe Dehlane Kahun.

Khan Sahib clashed with Maulana

Maulana once told him that in Islam the music haram ba, roa a was stopped. In the name of Allah Khan Sahib, for a long time Gawalan Ta Yu Maulana was very impressed. Bhailan said that in the name of Allah. The rest got angry when Khan Sahib said that I have uttered in Javan Raag, Okar’s name is Raag Bhairav, Aa Bhairav ​​means Shiv Hola. Maulana got up and left. Debe’s response to Khan Sahib’s own critic was excellent. For his sake Ishwar Auri Allah may be the names of two superpowers of AK, music is a medium to reach Zakir.

Many people say in their interviews that we have been searching for God in music. In this research, from the wedding to the big and small stages of the country and abroad, keep playing the tireless tambourine, keep searching for your devotion. Places were being sought for his official Shehnai player at the Kashi Vishwanath temple. You always say that we want to take the hand of this music and go to the shelter of Baba Vishwanath. But, after so many names, fame and India’s biggest award Bharat Ratna, don’t be satisfied with yourself, keep trying your best to improve and enhance your music. This hola is the identity of the real artist. Every day the artist became satisfied with his art, but the day the artist inside him died.

Khan had a great love for Bhojpuri culture, language and Bhojpuri people. Songs based on the tunes of U Kajri, Purbi, Thumri Aa Oro Kago are popular in the country and in the world. Reach out to the people of Peru to the tune of Bhojpuri folk songs and ritual songs.

At the age of 90, Khan saw many ups and downs in his life. In the shelter of Baba Vishwanath, he was buried in the Fatman Cemetery in Banaras, a short distance from the tomb of the famous dancer of his time, Umrao Jaan.

Bismillah Khan, thanks to your personality and creativity, always remain a gem in the hearts of the people, exalt the precious diamonds of India.

(Writer Manoj is fond of cinema and music.)

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