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Japan Election News: Japan Elections Postponed After Shinzo Abe’s Assassination, Exit Poll Find Out Who’s Forming Government

Tokyo: Voting for the upper house of parliament began on Sunday, two days after the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Meanwhile, most exit polls suggest a major victory for Abe’s ruling party. Such an election result is expected, possibly due to a wave of sympathy in the country following Friday’s shooting. Meanwhile, police in western Japan have handed over Abe’s alleged killer to the local public prosecutor’s office for further investigation. A top regional police official has admitted that a possible lack of security allowed the attacker to get so close to Abe and shot him.

Abe’s ruling party is expected to win a majority
NHK public broadcasters and other media outlets claimed a simple majority, with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party winning 125 seats, or half of the upper house. This is considered a great achievement for Prime Minister Fumia Kishida, who will be able to rule the country smoothly by 2025. Abe, one of Japan’s most influential leaders, was shot dead while delivering a speech at an election rally on Friday. The incident came as a shock to people in Japan, one of the safest countries in the world, where there are strict gun control laws.

Shinzo Abe’s assassination is not the first case, politicians have been attacked in Japan before
The attack took place during the election campaign in Nara city.
Minutes after Abe began his speech in the western part of the country, the assailant opened fire on Abe. Abe was taken to a hospital, but he was unable to breathe and his heart stopped beating. Police have arrested Tetsuya Yamagami, a former member of the Japanese Navy, on the spot.

Shinzo Abe News: How did the news of Shinzo Abe reach Nara the killer? When the tour was confirmed a few hours ago
The assassination of Shinzo Abe shook the whole country
Abe’s assassination shook the country ahead of Sunday’s parliamentary elections, raising questions about whether the former prime minister was given adequate security. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his cabinet ministers returned to Tokyo after disrupting other election campaigns across the country. Prime Minister Kishida called the attack cowardly and barbaric.


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