Friday, December 9, 2022
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James Webb Space Telescope: NASA’s super powerful James Webb Space Telescope has released the first color image, showing a spectacular view.

Washington: The US space agency NASA has released the first color photo from its most powerful space telescope, James Webb. This is the first high-resolution color image ever seen in the universe. This is the first color picture of US President Joe Biden during his White House briefing. “It’s a wonderful picture,” he said. It is filled with thousands of galaxies and contains some of the worst objects ever seen, painted in blue, orange and white. This telescope is one of the greatest engineering achievements of humanity.

US President Joe Biden has unveiled the first full-color image of the universe taken from the James Webb Space Telescope. Speaking at a ceremony at the White House on Monday evening, Bidney said it was a historic day as the world’s largest and most powerful space science telescope made a new offer in the history of our universe. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told reporters at a briefing last month that we are going to give humanity a new perspective on the universe, a scenario we have never seen before.

The secrets of the origin of the universe will be revealed
Earlier, NASA released a beautiful teaser photo before the first images of deep-space taken from its most powerful space telescope, James Webb. It said NASA’s long-awaited deep space photos would be released next week. According to scientists, this powerful device can reveal many secrets related to the origin of the universe.

James Webb NASA: It’s just a teaser! The deepest photo of space released by the James Webb Telescope, NASA shows a ‘glimpse’
The web is stronger than any space telescope

“When this photo was taken, I was delighted to see the elaborate structure in these unconscious galaxies,” said Neil Rowlands, program scientist for the Web Telescope’s Fine Guidance Sensor at Honeywell Aerospace. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said last week that the Web Telescope is capable of seeing the longest distance in space of any previous telescope.

How is this telescope made, how much does it cost?
The 10 10 billion telescope was launched in December last year and is currently orbiting the sun 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. With the help of its giant primary lenses and instruments, this telescope can see farther than any other telescope in space. The instruments in the telescope also help it to see through dust and gas.


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