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‘It’s your job to keep girls safe, keep an eye on them at home’… Pappu Yadav’s controversial statement on rape

Begusarai Pappu Yadav, the supremo of the Jan Adhikar Party in Bihar, has surprised everyone by making a controversial statement. Pappu Yadav who reached Begusarai said in a conversation with NBT that only the people of the house should keep their girls safe. He said that people should keep their children safe. Don’t let them out.

Controversial statements on rape
Pappu Yadav told that mother lives in the house. Keep an eye on the father-in-law lives in advance. Not only this, he also talked about the family’s mistakes on the incidents of rape. Pappu Yadav has held the family members responsible for the rape incident. In fact, on Tuesday night Pappu Yadav was going to Seemanchal area from Patna via Begusarai in his personal program. Then while answering the media’s question, he said that in 90 percent of rape cases, the victim does not get justice. Because this event takes place in the homes of the poor, downtrodden and downtrodden.

Don’t let your daughter out – Pappu
The government is not completely banning porn Smack and Corax. Due to which such incidents are happening. He said that in more than 90% of rape cases, the accused are above middle class. While the downtrodden Dalits are poor. Because of this justice is not served. After this statement of Pappu Yadav, political rhetoric is expected to intensify once again.

Murder of lover-girlfriend over love affair
Reaction to the rape incident
Let it be said that on October 12 in Begusarai, two miscreants committed the rape of a minor in a village of Nayagaon police station area. The mother of the minor is mentally ill. His parents had gone to Bhagalpur for treatment. His two younger brothers were present in the house with the minor at the time of the incident. Then the miscreants committed the rape of the minor. The police have arrested one accused of this incident and sent him to jail.


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