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It takes 30 days to digest a leaf, it spends 90% of its life hanging on a tree, you know this animal

New Delhi: The animal world in the forest is also amazing. International Sloth Day was celebrated across the world this month. Sloth is said to be the laziest animal in the world. 90% of a sloth’s life is spent hanging upside down from a tree. Its laziness can be inferred from the fact that the female sloth does not even come down from the tree to mate with her male partner. She hangs on the tree and screams until the male sloth hears her voice and comes to mate with her.

Found in South and Central America
Sloths spend most of their time sleeping. Its digestive system is so slow that it takes 30 days to completely digest a single leaf. It has the slowest digestion rate among animals worldwide. In contrast, a man takes an average of 12 to 48 hours to digest food. Sloths are found primarily in South and Central America. A sleeper typically sleeps anywhere from 8 hours to 15 hours. Its lifespan is 25 to 30 years. There are different types of sloths. Depending on it, their weight ranges from 2.2 kg to 10 kg. Sloths are usually two-toed and three-toed.
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Sloths were as big as elephants
It is said that earlier sloths were as big as elephants. By 10,000 years ago, sloths may have reached elephant size, according to the San Diego Zoo. Skeletons of an extinct species called “Megatherium” have been found. This gave birth to this theory. Sloths usually change trees every four to five days. They do this to avoid their enemies. The specialty of sloths is that they can rotate their head up to 270 degrees. Sloths may be the world’s slowest creatures on land, but they can swim very fast in water. Sloths can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes continuously. Sloths have fairly short tails. Sloth teeth are very sharp and strong. This animal hangs on the tree even after death.
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It is very popular on social media
Sloth is a very popular animal on social media. Sloths can be seen in many viral videos or memes. Sloths’ facial structure is such that they appear to be constantly smiling. Whether they are in pain, stressed or worried, their face always shows a smile. In such a situation, do not judge a lazy mood by the smile on his face. The sloth’s care team assesses its condition based on other indicators such as its appetite, its vocalizations and its behavior.

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Life is in danger while defecating
Sloths risk their lives when they defecate. Their food is digested very slowly. So he defecates only once a week. After defecation their weight is reduced by one third. Sloths are cute and cuddly but they are not suitable as pets. The reason for this is that their diet and lifestyle is such that they have to be in constant harmony with nature and trees. Despite this, their illegal trafficking is rampant. So it remains a threat to them.


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