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Indira Gandhi’s decision and daughter-in-law Maneka became a ‘rebel’… left the family, formed a party in the name of husband Sanjay

New Delhi: 23 June 1980 Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane crash. It has changed the face of politics in the country. Sanjay was the younger son of Indira Gandhi. He used to take all the decisions of Congress behind the scenes. He had a strong hold on the party. He was not under anyone’s control. Not even Indra. If the situation changed the most for anyone after the demise of Sanjay Gandhi, it was Maneka Gandhi. Wife of Sanjay Gandhi. Maneka’s desire to maintain her husband’s political legacy was wavering. But, the mother-in-law built a wall in between. Indira started bringing her elder son Rajiv into politics. It is another matter that till this time he was completely away from politics. Maneka did not like Indira’s decision. The conflict in the family escalated to such an extent that Maneka decided to separate. Seeing herself sidelined in the party, Maneka took this step. In March 1983, he announced the formation of Rashtriya Sanjay Manch. The picture you are seeing is from that time.

Maneka Gandhi announced the launch of Rashtriya Sanjay Manch

Congress and Gandhi family are entangled. The mother-in-law family is still a reason to remember. On Wednesday, the Congress has once again moved towards a major change. The leadership of the party has officially gone to someone outside the Gandhi family. Mallikarjun Kharge has taken over as the new president of the Congress. Former President Sonia Gandhi has congratulated him. He invited the party leaders and workers to move forward together. Kharge has taken over the leadership of the Congress amidst mountains of challenges.

Mallikarjun Kharge became the new boss of Congress, Sonia Gandhi handed over the command

Rajiv’s entry into politics
There was a twilight period in the Congress. Whatever he said was the last. The Lok Sabha mid-term elections were held in 1980. Congress is back in power. The people who brought the Janata Party to power in 1977 after the Emergency voted in favor of Indira. In the 1977 elections too, Indira lost from Rae Bareli. He got his revenge in the mid-term elections. Sanjay Gandhi entered the Parliament after winning a huge vote from Amethi, the stronghold of the Congress. It is another matter that after Sanjay died in an air accident within a few months, Indira faced a challenge. It can be said that the seeds of Maneka’s rebellion were sown from here.

Then Indira brought the elder son Rajiv Gandhi into the field of politics. By-elections were held in Amethi after Sanjay’s death. In this, Rajiv Gandhi was fielded as a Congress candidate. It was Indra’s decision. So it could not be reversed. Maneka was shocked by this decision. The opposition fielded Sharad Yadav against Rajiv in the by-election. Rajiv won this election. However, Indira’s decision sowed the seeds of disunity in the family. Maneka Gandhi wanted to carry on Sanjay’s legacy. He took the stance of rebellion against his mother-in-law regarding this matter.

The children’s names are also Rahul, Priyank, Priyadarshini… Mallikarjun Kharge is the ‘Katappa’ of the Gandhi family.

Left mother-in-law’s house, separated
Once this dispute became common. It is not hidden from anyone that now mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not be able to live together in the family. After some time, Maneka left her mother-in-law’s house. Taking her son Varun with her, she started staying at her maternal uncle’s house. In 1983 the way back was completely closed. Maneka formed his own party under the name Sanjay Vikhar Manch in March of the same year. Many Congress leaders who were loyal to Sanjay became part of this party.

After the death of Indira Gandhi in 1984, Rajiv took over the power of the country. Then Lok Sabha elections were announced. Rajiv chose Amethi to contest. Then Maneka challenged Rajiv by becoming the candidate of Sanjay Vikhar Manch. Maneka sought votes in the name of Maa Indira and in the name of Sanjay and Rajeev. In those days, Sonia Gandhi was also going to campaign with Rajiv. At that time the movement of sympathy towards Indira was very strong. Rajiv defeated Maneka in this movement.


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