Monday, November 28, 2022
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Indian vaccine sting going on all over the world, White House said – India is an important vaccine exporter

Washington India’s critical role in supplying vaccines against the global Covid-19 pandemic has been acknowledged by the entire world. The vaccination campaign in many countries started only because of the vaccine sent by India. Now while acknowledging the country’s contribution, the US has said that India is an important vaccine manufacturer for the world. “The country (India) has become a major vaccine exporter because of its unparalleled manufacturing capacity,” White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr Ashish Jha told reporters in Washington on Tuesday.

In response to a question Dr. Jha said the strategic security dialogue between Australia, India, Japan and the US, the Quad partnership on the coronavirus, was important to the Biden administration. He said in the press conference, ‘I think that India is an important manufacturer of vaccines for the world. I don’t mean just for India, it’s a really important thing.’ Defending the Biden administration’s decision to supply vaccines to the world, Dr. Jha said the US would continue to make them available to all low- and many low- and middle-income countries.

If you have also been in the grip of Corona, then be careful, still there may be death… the danger is not averted!
‘Biden’s leadership is different from the former president’
“There are about 100 countries that are able to receive free vaccines through COVAX – where we still make vaccines available for donation,” he said. Jha claimed that Biden has restored American leadership on global health in a way that is “very different from the former president.” “It’s very important that America continues to lead, it’s a small investment to better protect Americans and the world,” he said.

Biden and ‘PM’ Sunak’s first conversation
The White House said that US President Joe Biden called Rishi Sunak on Tuesday to congratulate him on becoming the new Prime Minister of Britain. “The leaders agreed on the importance of working together to support Ukraine, hold Russia accountable for its aggression, address China’s challenges and secure sustainable and affordable energy sources,” the White House said.


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