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Indian sages are celebrating the election of the eccentric but can it happen here? Congress leader asked

New Delhi: On the news of Indian-origin Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister of Britain, some opposition leaders in India expressed hope that India would learn from this episode and one day follow the tradition of electing someone from minorities to the top post. Congress leader P. Chidambaram and Shashi Tharoor Sunak’s election as Prime Minister was welcomed and hoped that one day India too would follow this tradition. Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra also welcomed Sunak’s election as Prime Minister and hoped that India would become more tolerant.

First Kamala Harris and now Rishi Sunak, Chidambaram said in a tweet. The people of America and Britain have embraced non-majority citizens of their countries and elected them to high positions of government. He also said, “I think India and the majority parties should learn a lesson.”

In a tweet, Tharoor said, “If this happens, I think we all have to accept that Britain has done a very rare thing in the world by elevating a minority to the most powerful position.” We are celebrating this achievement of Indian culture so let’s honestly ask, can it happen here?

“I’m proud of Britain, my second favorite country, to have elected a British Asian to the top spot,” said Moitra. He said that India should be more tolerant and more accepting of all religions, all backgrounds. Elected unopposed as leader of the ruling Conservative Party on Diwali, Rishi Sunak will make history by becoming the first Indian-origin British Prime Minister. After Penny Mordant withdrew from the race, the way was clear for Sunak to become Prime Minister.

Sunak will be the youngest leader to become British Prime Minister in nearly 200 years. Moreover, he will be the first Hindu to become British Prime Minister. Sunak, 42, a former UK finance minister and a devout Hindu, is set to move into 10 Downing Street, the residence-cum-office of the British prime minister in London.


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