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IND vs PAK: Pakistanis can’t digest India’s defeat, Mirchi feels like ex-cricketers have started making rhetoric

New Delhi: Today on October 24, 2021, the T20 World Cup match was played between India and Pakistan in UAE. In this match, Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets. Team India has never suffered a worst defeat against Pakistan. The Pakistani team was celebrating its victory as if it had won a war. Why don’t you hesitate, a cricket match against India is no less than their battle. After this defeat in the World Cup, Team India suffered humiliation for a year. Meanwhile, former Pakistan cricketers spoke whatever came to their mind, but times had changed and after 364 days at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia in front of a million spectators, India got their revenge and defeated Pakistan by four wickets. .

After this defeat of Pakistan, there was an uproar among the former cricketers and they again started blaming the regime by making an accusatory statement. However, this is nothing new. Pakistanis have been in the same condition every time after being beaten by India, so how can they avoid their actions this time?

After the defeat at the hands of Pakistan, players like former cricketers Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis are pulling the pillar like a happy cat. Wasim Akram expressing his anger at the no ball in the last over of Mohammad Nawaz. He tweeted after the match and said, ‘There is no fault of Virat Kohli on that ball. Any batsman will ask the umpire whether it was a no ball or not. In a match this big, when you have the technology, why not use it in close quarters. Then why these things are kept without meaning and both the umpires who were the most experienced are also the most experienced.

“I think it wasn’t a no-ball but if you watch it in slow motion, it looks like a no-ball,” he said. Because we have a technology and we can use it.

Not only Akram, former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis has also given his reaction to the no-ball. “Usually the job of the square leg umpire is to watch the ball above waist height as he monitors the batsman and the ball. If he also sees the ball going over the head, he is the one who calls it wide. Signals and signals to the umpire in front. When the ball is above waist height, his reaction is that the hand comes out and this is a natural reaction.

“If you look at the replay, he looked back and looked the ball for a six,” he said. After this, when Virat Kohli asked about it, it was called a no ball. I’m not saying and I don’t want to say whether it’s a no ball or not. I don’t want to get into this controversy. If the umpire knew at this point that the ball had hit the bat, he should have called there.

Waqar said, ‘I still think it is Virat Kohli’s right to call for a no ball and he did. The leg umpire should have consulted the front-on umpire and he should have stepped up.

A strong will power, an ocean of boundless energy, unshakable resourcefulness after being dissipated… behold, here comes your Virat Kohli.
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