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Ind Vs Pak: Kohli’s conversation with Asam, Pandya’s tears and Gavaskar’s dance… This defeat cannot prove to be ‘Sharjah 1986’ for Pakistan.

Bhopal: At the Melbourne Cricket Ground, when Ravichandran Ashwin bounced the last ball of Mohammad Nawaz at mid-off, billions of fans along with the 90,000 spectators in the ground jumped with him. However, this rollercoaster ride of 40 overs almost came to an end on the fourth ball of the over. Virat Kohli hit a six on this ball, it was the hallmark of his batting but Nawaz had already made a mistake. Throwing a no ball. After the dismissal of Dinesh Karthik on the fifth ball, there was a possibility of another twist but Nawaz once again bowled wide. Score level and then that high shot from Ashwin on the next ball. It was a quiet end to the match considering what happened in the 39.5 overs of the match. Thanks to Virat Kohli’s magical innings, Team India did what even their staunch supporters expected in the seventh over of the Indian innings. After this quiet finish to the match, three pictures showed the importance of Team India’s victory. It also made it clear that it will be very difficult for Pakistan to recover from this defeat. No wonder this defeat for Pakistan proved to be similar to Javed Miandad’s six for India in Sharjah in 1986. However, the first discussion of those three pictures…

First picture – what happened to me
Suryakumar Yadav ran into the ground from the pavilion as Ashwin’s lofted shot went away from the fielder. He came and hugged Kohli. After completing the winning run, Ashwin also ran towards Kohli. After this, it is as if the entire Indian team has come to the field. Karthik, Pandya, Rahul, Arshdeep… all rushed to catch Kohli. Captain Rohit Sharma came and grabbed Kohli and carried him like he was a small child. Rohit took her in his lap and started dancing. Kohli also had no hesitation in living this moment of victory with him. After a few moments he abruptly walked away from it all. Sweaty Kohli was talking alone as if looking at the sky. His hand gestures looked like he didn’t know what had happened. He himself could not believe what he had done.

Second picture – those tears of Pandya’s faith
Seeing this picture of Kohli on the field, everything might look unbelievable but the two off-field pictures were nothing like that. There was nothing unbelievable about the tears flowing from Hardik Pandya’s eyes. Those tears were of faith. It is believed that whatever the circumstances, this team can change the course of the match at any time. If Kohli is on the field, anything is possible. After the match, Kohli himself also said that Hardik was saying the same thing to him repeatedly during the batting. After the first 10 overs of the Indian team’s batting, when the team’s score was 45 runs for four wickets, Kohli was playing with 12 runs off 21 balls. He himself felt that his slow batting could be a problem for the team, but Pandya knew how important it was for Kohli to stay on the pitch. That is why he was constantly telling them to push the ball into the gap, run single-doubles and reduce the distance. As the competition progresses, we will continue to win. Pandya was struggling a lot before getting out on the first ball of the 20th over. He was repeatedly swinging the ball around the fielder trying to hit the boundary but by then Kohli was in his rhythm. Pandya, who returned to the pavilion after getting out, did not look under much stress. He stopped on the ground and said something to Dinesh Karthik. Team India still needed 16 runs from five balls to win but Pandya was confident that Kohli was still standing at the other end. When Kohli proved his faith right by leading the team to victory, his tears could not stop. He couldn’t even stop himself from saying, I wouldn’t be standing here today if… Next you also know whose name would have come out of his mouth.

Third picture – Gavaskar 35 years ago
The third picture was different from these two. Sunil Gavaskar has been seen many times dancing in the commentary box and on the field. Not only in international matches, they have been seen bending their backs in IPL matches as well, but their dance in Melbourne on Sunday was different. It was reminiscent of another celebration they had 35 years ago. In 1987, Gavaskar became the first batsman to score 10,000 runs in Tests. Ahmedabad was the ground and even then the opposing team was Pakistan. Then after completing his ten thousandth run, with his familiar smile, Gavaskar was repeatedly raising his bat and accepting greetings. The only difference was that in Melbourne he was not bouncing with his bat but himself. Gavaskar could not stop himself from jumping and dancing while clapping.

Javed Miandad gave a wound to India in 1986
Now the matter of this victory is why this defeat can prove to be heavy for Pakistan. This defeat should not affect the Pakistan team psychologically. It should not happen that the Pakistani team will come under pressure after seeing the Indian team in front of them in the upcoming matches. There are valid reasons for this fear. Except for the first 10 and last three overs of the match, the Pakistan team was always ahead. Kohli and Pandya plundered 20 runs in the 12th over, yet there was no tension for Pakistan. His fast bowlers had six overs left. The trouble started in the 18th over when Kohli hit three fours off Shaheen Afridi’s over. In the 19th over, when Harris hit Rauf’s last two balls for sixes, the Pakistani team started to disperse. Mohammad Nawad left the spin and started bowling at medium pace. Wicketkeeper Rizwan stood up as if Shoaib Akhtar was bowling, not Nawaz. Nawaz started bowling no and wide. Captain Babar Azam started arguing with the umpire. It seemed that the Pakistani players were taken aback by this counter-attack. He couldn’t believe that it actually happened and the winning bet slipped from his hands. The same thing happened to the Indian team in Sharjah in 1986. Javed Miandad’s last-ball six gave the Indian team such a psychological scar on the verge of victory that it became difficult for the Indian team to beat Pakistan in Sharjah for many years. Every shot of Virat Kohli’s 53-ball 82 at the MCG on Sunday was as impressive as Javed Miandad’s sixes. Now it remains to be seen how quickly Babar Azam’s team can recover from this.


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