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IND vs PAK: In the thrill of the last over, Virat took the victory away from Pakistan, Nawaz put the dust

Melbourne: Whenever the teams of India and Pakistan clash on the cricket field, a new definition of adventure is created. Something similar happened in the match played in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. In this India-Pakistan match played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, the players of both the teams gave their lives for victory till the last ball. This is the reason why this match was decided on the last ball of the innings. In such a situation, let us know how the thrill of the last over was in India’s victory against Pakistan by 4 wickets.

In this match against Pakistan, India needed 16 runs in the last over to win. Pakistan captain Babar Azam gave this last over to Mohammad Nawaz.

first ball- India’s Hardik Pandya was in front of Mohammad Nawaz on the first ball of the last over. Pandya tried to hit a big shot on the first ball but was caught by Babar Azam. Thus, the Pakistani team once again returned to the match.

second ball- Team India now needed 16 runs to win in five balls. On which the new batsman Dinesh Karthik took a run and gave a strike to Virat Kohli.

3rd ball- Virat Kohli quickly took two wickets off Nawaz’s third ball and kept the strike to himself. Now the team needed 13 runs in three balls to win.

4th ball- Nawaz was now under full pressure and gave Kohli the fourth ball, a full toss, over the waist, which Apanyar called a no ball. Kohli hit a six on this ball and turned the game towards India.

4th Ball (Free Hit)- After the no ball, Nawaz bowled for a free hit but he dropped the ball wide to avoid Kohli’s fury.

4th Ball (Free Hit)- Nawaz again came to meet on the fourth ball while bowling a free hit wide. This time too he hit Kohli for a full six and the ball went straight to the wicket, the ball was a free hit, so he was not out on it but he scored three runs.

fifth ball- Dinesh Karthik struck on the fifth ball and needed two runs to win. Although he tried to move forward, he was stumped.

Sixth ball- After Karthik came the new batsman Ravichandran Ashwin. Ashwin had to score two runs off the last ball. He moves towards the off-stump, showing smartness. This made Nawaz feel that he should be out on the leg side but the ball turned more than expected and went wide. Due to this, he had to repeat the sixth ball while India equalized Pakistan’s score.

Sixth ball- On this last ball of Nawaz, Ashwin played on the fielder’s head in the direction of mid-off and took the team to the target of 160 runs.

In this way, India started the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 with a thrilling victory by beating Pakistan in the last over.


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